Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #27

So Batman is all trapped, but then there's a whip on top his cage... for some reason, so he uses that to grab a car jack, bend the bars of his cage, get out, and bring hell to his captors.

Back at the Batcave, Bruce plans with Alfred to storm that sweatshop where the mother from last issue is, and does just that. Before the police can arrive to clean up, Bruce takes the mother to the hospital where her daughter is, and reunites the two.

Penguin hears about it and his all "WHAAAA" but not really, because there's no dialogue, but nonetheless, Batman comes and kicks his ass. So Penguin gets arrested, but because he has good lawyers, gets out real soon.

So then the mother gets a tip to go to the Wayne Sponsorship for New Citizens program, and she eventually gets a job at Wayne Enterprises, able to support her family.


The Good:

I like the art. Ponticelli isn't a guy I'd normally think of drawing Batman, but he does a pretty good job through out, especially with one particular page, which I'll highlight in tomorrow's panels of the week post. There are also a couple of nice little moments, that Hurwitz has done a good job of planting through out his run, and in this issue, I thought Batman just showing kindness to a vicious guard dog was nice to see, rather than just like knocking it out or gassing it. Dogs are awesome.

The Bad:

Same issue I've had with the series as a whole, it just seems like side stories with no real weight to them. I just don't see how this was any different than say a Legends of the Dark Knight story. These sort of things are fine every now and then, but it's just been going on for a great deal of time in this volume, and it just starts to feel like the excess weight of the Bat line.

The Bottom Line:

On one hand, this was a nice little story, dealing with something more personal than Gotham's latest psycho, on the other hand, it just didn't feel like it amounted to a whole lot, which has been this book's problem for a while now. It's kind of hard to say anything past that, given the book is already cancelled. It would sort of be like kicking a dog when it's down, because I could go on and say that this is the Batman book the character doesn't need, it's just excess, blah blah, but it'd be pointless, because that's known, and that's why it's ending in March. I can't say I wish this book would amount to more, because I know it won't, so I'm just left indifferent to the series, and this issue. It was fine, it really was, but I don't really have anything that great or that bad to say about it.


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