Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman and Two-Face #27

Two-Face wants Erin McKillen dead, that's for sure, but first, he wants Erin to apologize to the grave of his wife, Gilda... something Erin sarcastically does, which doesn't please Harvey. The coin is flipped, heads, Erin burns, tails she dies... aaaaand HEADS! Harvey is all set up with some acid, ready to inflict the same pain on Erin, as she did to him, but then the rest of the McKillen family show up, firing a shot through Harvey and the acid (some of which gets on Erin's face).

The McKillen family is trying to kill two three birds with one stone here, getting rid of Harvey, Erin, and a bonus, Batman. They open fire on Batman and Erin (who has no fallen into the grave Batman was trapped in). Bruce's cape shields them from the gunfire, which breaks up the statue, allowing them to escape when the mobsters go to reload. Bruce drags both Erin and Harvey into a mausoleum where they avoid gunfire, and come up with a plan to escape... That is, if Harvey's coin flips the right way.

And it does, so Harvey reluctantly accompanies Bruce and Erin into some old bootlegger tunnels, but it doesn't take long for the mob to give chase. With the use of an R.P.G., the mobsters cause a collapse that separates Harvey from Bruce and Erin, but doesn't kill him... they'll save that for later.

Time for a flashback! Turns out Harvey was a defense attorney before he became the D.A. getting criminals off on technicalities, because Batman doesn't read them their rights. Turns out he was also the McKillens' family attorney, and when he learns about a hit on Gordon they placed, it doesn't sit well with him, but his hands are tied due to attorney/client privilege. This is the seed of doubt that gets planted in Harvey's head, eventually allowing himself to get talked into running for D.A. when Bruce Wayne suggests he goes for the job. First oder of business when he becomes the D.A.? Take down the McKillens.

Bruce and Erin emerge into the bar the tunnels lead to, and soon find a broadcast going out to all TV's in Gotham, originating from the mob. They've got Harvey tied up, and are offering Gotham City residents their home back, by getting rid of the freaks... Harvey being the first to go.


The Good:

I've just continued to enjoy this story, simple as that. There's a great dynamic between Batman, Erin and Two-Face, especially when they're reluctantly on the same side. Then there's the art, which I've gone on record about. Seriously, Pat Gleason is one of the best Two-Face artists I've seen in recent years. The detail in Harvey's scares, highlighted by Mick Grays inks, is damn near perfect.

The Bad:

The changes to Two-Faces origin were initially jarring, but the backstory began to fill things in. That said, another jarring curveball was thrown, and that's Harvey being a defense attorney initially. It sort of throws a wrench into the core of Harvey Dent from where I'm standing. Sure, he becomes a D.A., but his going directly after the McKillens definitely puts a time constraint on his time as a D.A., which lessens the impact of him being the white knight, the best there was, and so on. I don't know, I just didn't care for that tweak all too much, maybe it'll be explained next issue. 

The Bottom Line:

There's been a lot of changes to the origin of Two-Face, and as the backwards flashbacks have contextualized these changes, sometimes that's just not enough, and no matter how well intentioned, some changes don't sit well. I'll admit I'm not a fan of the defense attorney angle, but oh well, not that big of a deal. The story as a whole continues to be interesting, and the forced team-up this issue was nothing less than entertaining. 


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