Thursday, January 30, 2014

So, that's definitely Harper Row, right?

So, with Batman #28 right around the corner, and Eternal on its tail, I'd expect some shit is going to go down pretty soon, and the early Batman #28 preview supports that theory.

Remember that character design we got with news of the change to #28? I mean... it clearly was of Harper, well... maybe there will be a curveball, but c'mon, how many other people have that haircut? ...which will take some serious suspension of disbelief if she is to start crime fighting with a secret identity, but that's another subject for another day. Regardless, our look at civilian Harper in #28 definitely puts some backing behind this "mysterious" character actually being Harper.

Notice the way Nguyen draws Harpers hair (albeit, the design and final product are conflicting in the bald/buzzed head), the similar back packs, and the exact same design on the backpack straps. Uh-huh.

So yeah, if there was any doubt left, there probably shouldn't be anymore. Only question is what Harper will be calling herself. Lots of people thing Nightwing for obvious reasons, but I'm not entirely convinced. Part of me thinks that just doesn't feel right, plus, I wouldn't put too much thought behind coloring as a reason... remember when people thought Nightwing was Jason Todd when the New 52 was leaked, just because the use of the color red? Just saying.

All that said... it's going to be kind of hard for Dick Grayson to continue being Nightwing. Maybe all will be revealed in two weeks, maybe we'll even get solicitations around that time as well, and find out even more. We'll have to wait and see until then.


  1. Yes I knew it! Glad to see that you and I noticed the backpack comparisons.

  2. I was hoping for it to be Cassandra Cain.
    I'm glad that Harper could be joining the Bat-family as a superhero though.
    She has so much potential for great stories and she's already got a close bond to Batman.