Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Nightwing Creative Team for April

Well, the writing has been on the wall for awhile, but Kyle Higgins confirmed two things with a post on Facebook today. The first, Nightwing #29 is his last issue, and a new creative team will be announced with April solicitations. Second, solicitations are coming Tuesday because DC wants to be extra fucking late for some reason, but that's not the point of this post.

Look, we all knew something was up with Dick Grayson, he could be dying, or he could be just dyeing his hair (hah). Who knows? But it was clear, that the latest Chicago direction for the character was being thrown out the window... like all the previous directions that Higgins had attempted to establish for the character. I've made it a point to acknowledge the fact that Nightwing has been jerked around in the New 52, never allowed to get his footing with any one creative direction, so I don't need to reiterate it again here. I'll just leave it at this: I find it really unfortunate that despite 28 issues (29 + Zero issue - DeFalco issues = Math is right, trust me), that Higgins was never really able to fully deliver on the various directions he had planned out for the character. You know what would have been cool? To see Dick as the owner of a circus in Gotham, or maybe to see him really establish himself in Chicago. But, we're not getting any of that, so boo.

All I can say is that I hope DC is happy with whatever the new direction is, because I'm tired of it changing every six months.

(Source: Kyle Higgin's Facebook)


  1. Well at least Higgins stayed on the title for 28 issues, that is a lot for anyone to deal with while under heavy mandates for what direction the series should take. So yeah, there's that...

  2. I don't read DC anymore, but Higgins' Nightwing was one of the few series I did like. I agree that he never got the chance do his own thing, which is depressing, because you could tell he really enjoyed the character. He was always either caught in a crossover or inbetween crossovers. Oh well.