Sunday, January 12, 2014

John Layman Leaves Batman: Eternal

On the eve of the first four Batman: Eternal issues being solicited (probably, whatever, they're coming in April, SURPRISE!), we get some bummer news... John Layman has left the building project.

Bleeding Cool posted the rumor yesterday, and I didn't want to comment on it until we got official word, but Layman's "err..." in response to someone begging him to deem the rumor untrue was pretty telling.

But luckily, this doesn't seem like the standard DC bullcrap that has surrounded creative shifts, as even I was quick to assume it was (Hey, you train a dog to bite, don't be surprised when they fucking bite). In a post on Bleeding Cool, Layman explains a lot of things, like how he was originally going to play off events in Eternal into Detective, before he was taken off, how DC offered him numerous other books to write, and how ending his Detective run sort of conflicted with his focus on Eternal.

So, there's no controversy to be had this time, with Layman even saying he's welcomed back at the Bat office anytime, an offer he attends to take up someday, so that's good.

Nevertheless, this is a bummer. I thought Layman's run on Detective Comics was fantastic, and was very much looking forward to having him continue his certain brand of Batman in Eternal. For now, Layman will be focusing his efforts on the final third of his fantastic Image series Chew, which is a series I will recommend to anyone when talking about my favorite creator owned titles. Seriously, read it. Fucking fantastic book. I mean...

UPDATE: There's been question of who if anyone would replace Layman, I personally thought that they may not, given how the title was structured, but in a praising tweet of the whole team, Layman confirmed that there is a replacement for him, who is equally fantastic, in his words. Maybe we'll find out who this person is when DC inevitably renounces the series in the next week.

(Source: Bleeding Cool)

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