Thursday, January 23, 2014

Batman: Eternal Speculation Time!

The Batman: Eternal creative team! We know it… Sort of! There's Scott Snyder, James Tynion, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes and John Layman on the writers side, then there's Jason Fabok, Dustin Nguyen and… well… who knows, on the artists side. It's safe to say that Jason Fabok and Dustin Nguyen won't be the only artists on the book, and John Layman did confirm that there'd be someone replacing him. So who else could be involved?

GOTHAM SPOILERS SPECULATION, ON THE CASE! …Hey man, I was the one who figure out Tim Seeley was working on Catwoman something in the Bat office! So I'm one for one in my Batman: Eternal speculation… sort of!

I also did say I wanted to see Dustin Nguyen draw Eternal, so I'M PRETTY LEGIT.

Moving on...

Let's address the artist situation, because that's more of a mystery. Who do I think will be one of the artists on the title? Guillem March. Here's why…

In a recent post on March's blog he talked about his work in the US for DC and various European projects, mentioning how he usually can't show his work in progress, because it hasn't been announced yet. So that made me think that he's working on something for DC that hadn't been announced, because they're the ones who like to keep shit behind closed doors. Then earlier today I was directed to this tweet:

Bat-Family… not a monthly? Uh-huh… Then there's this picture he posted, clearly of Batman with a New 52 costume, but I don't recognize it from either Catwoman, Talon or Detective Comics, so Eternal page?

Maybe! Unless the Bat Office has another irregular shipping title, I think it's a safe bet to think March is one of the artists on Eternal, which I would love.

I also think Andy Clarke is probably going to show up at some point, but that's just my gut feeling.

Moving on to writers… I think Kyle Higgins might replace Layman. In a recent interview with Newsarama about his exit on Nightwing, C.O.W.L., and what not, he closed out the interview by saying this:
"The Image books are keeping me pretty busy right now, but I also have something else at DC that I’m ramping up on. Maybe you’ll hear about it soon. "
 Huh. huh. huh.

Then it turns out that Mike Marts (Bat Office editor), Katie Kubert (other Bat Office editor), James Tynion, and Tim Seeley were in New York today, and had a nice steak dinner, which Marts posted about on Twitter.

Nice steak. Notice who Marts is missing? Scott Snyder, Ray Fawkes and… Kyle Higgins? Now, Higgins has obviously worked in the Bat Office for quite a while, so this may just be friendly… but the rest of the Eternal writing team being tagged in this tweet makes me think otherwise.

So that's what I got! Guillem March may be another artist to contribute to the series, and Kyle Higgins may be replacing John Layman on writing duties. I could be right, I could be wrong! Only time will tell!


  1. These hypotheses have some solid backing. I'll give you a strong nod, I hope it follows through.

  2. I´m curious to see how this story ends!
    Thanks for the "which I would love"!

    1. I'm curious too! Haha. And no problem, I. A big fan of your work/style.