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Stack Rundown, 12/21/2013

Last week I had 17 books to write up... this week I have 19. That's a lot of comics. So I'm going to keep this part short, because lord knows I've already done a lot of writing.

Animal Man #26

Well, this was a pretty weird issue, but what's Animal Man without some weirdness? Basically… Animal Man is in SPAAAAAACE. Something about a Seed Planet which links all the red, green and rot of the universe, maybe it's the source, and oh no, the guardian is dying! So naturally, the guardian of this seed planet wants Buddy to be his replacement, but Buddy wants to save his family, so he makes a deal to do that first, then he'll come back to the Seed planet… Yeah, I don't know about that, since this book is cancelled! Maybe it'll be a Justice League of Canada story, but I doubt that.

Green Lantern New Guardians #26

I don’t know what it was about this issue, hell, maybe it was just my mood, but nothing held my attention. Just alternate dimension aliens trying to get back at the version of themselves who screwed them over. Just a whole lot of stuff I just generally didn’t care about this week. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into the books I read this week, and maybe I just don’t care about Kyle.

Wonder Woman #26

Add this to one of those issues that I liked, but I don’t have a whole lot to say about. Actually, it’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s just that I don’t have anything new to say. The gods are still be sneaky and that creates a whole lot of nervous feelings, because it’s only a matter of time before someone does something really fucked up… but I said that last month, so why repeat it?

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #3

So, the Rogues are in Gotham, in the middle of Arkham War. Poison Ivy poisons Trickster, and gets the rest of them to work for her trying to get sunlight to her garden… that's pretty much it. Couple of the Rogues indicate that they're not okay with the state of their team, but that's about it. It's enjoyable enough, and has some nice art, even with fill in, but honestly, it's nothing to write home about. Just don't really have a whole lot to say about it.

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #6

So this was pretty much just a big long battle scene, which goes poorly. Everyone but Constantine goes to help innocents, meanwhile he conjure up a spell for them as a back up for if they lose… and they do, they die… or something. It was a weird ending. I don’t know, so far this Blight crossover doesn’t have a lot going for it, as whatever the point is, has hardly been touched upon. That said, I think this is going to be a book I drop in the new year, it’s just not that interesting to me, thought it was going to be something different, and then just became crossover fodder. Unfortunate, but oh well.

Uncanny X-Force #15

Well, not much to say on this one… I don’t think it was a very good story, to go along with what I don’t think has been a very good book. Well, it’s over now, and maybe the crossover with Cable and X-Force will give it a crutch to lean on while it comes to it’s conclusion. There was some fill in art on it which I thought was just bad… so yeah, I REALLY didn’t like this issue for various reasons.

Uncanny Avengers #15

Remember that super sneaky plan Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man came up with to try and beat the Apocalypse Twins? They died completing it! …only the Twins knew about it, and acted against it. UH OH. So that sucks for the mutants, because now they’re being raptured away, and there’s a fucking galactic executioner ready to do away with Earth and humanity. This shit is fucking absurd, and I love it. Remender is out there talking about the next arc and how it’s going to create a new Marvel Universe, and it’s got me wondering… what’s the catch? I mean… a lot of crazy shit is happening here, world changing shit, but it’s hardly referenced outside of the book. I keep thinking that this is going to spin into Marvel’s next event, but so far, nothing. So I’m wondering how this is going to be addressed in the Marvel Universe, or if they’re going to say “fuck it” and just let Remender keep on doing what he’s doing, which I have no problem with.

Deadpool #21

And now, the new arc. This time it’s Deadpool vs. SHIELD, spanning back to the first arc where SHIELD wouldn’t pay Deadpool after the whole dead presidents thing. Here’s the thing thought, that was A LOT of issues ago, aided by the fact there’s a lot of double shipping going on, so I pretty much totally forgot who this dick SHIELD member who has it out for Deadpool is… I had to read the caption page! I don’t do that! They are below me! Oh well. Anyways, just seems like a bunch of people are going to be trying to kill Deadpool, and he’ll probably try and kill some people too! What else is new? I’m not sure how long this Preston in his head thing can last though… I’m kind of over it. Also, OH MY GOD IT’S THAT ONE AGENT FROM THE MOVIES AND TV SHOWS I DON’T WATCH!!!

All-New X-Men #20

This issue wrote a check it couldn’t cash! I wanted young Cyclops and X-23 making out, and all I got was some sniffing! Why did I want it so bad? Because think of all the “just kiss already” jokes you could make about regular Cyclops and Wolverine, with all the tension between them, so if young Cyclops and teenage girl Wolverine made out, it’d be super weird and funny in a equally immature way! God damn it, talk about disappointment of the year. But yeah, I don’t know, I like X-23, I’ve read her in the X-Force title that came before Remender’s Uncanny X-Force, I just think she’s sort of a random addition to this book. Lots of weird possibilities come up with her on the book, but it doesn’t make it any less random. Wondering if anything is actually done with the purifiers, or if this is just a stopgap between Battle of the Atom and The Trial of Jean Grey.

X-Men #8

Man, I sure do love the Doddson’s artwork. Everything is just so pretty! …minus this one panel where Lady Deathstrike’s corpse paint and the angle made her face look pretty deformed, but other than that, PRETTY! I like that this new Sisterhood is after John Sublime’s sister, only if it’s for the fact that it makes for more of a cohesive story when the first arc is brought into the picture. After having the real story get sidelined for Battle of the Atom, where none of the X books really focused on their unique elements, it’s good to see the Sublime’s sister stuff was more than just an opening arc. Kind of find it funny how Rogue left the book… in that NO ONE mentions her, or what happened. Maybe it’s that they don’t know yet… or Marvel editors just told Wood to take her out and fucking roll with the punches, I don’t know. 

Black Science #2

Man this book is pretty… Anyways! I think I may have enjoyed this issue more than the last, because it really started to give us a good look at all the characters. The first issue pulled a hit the ground running sort of start, and threw everyone into the shit from the word “go.” This issue, while still in the middle of the shit (SPACE INDIANS!), takes a step back of sorts, and starts to fill in the gaps with backstory and proper introductions to the whole cast. The introductions are done in a really natural feeling way, where instead of someone just going through everyone one by one, you get to know people through their interactions with others and their thought processes. You got the cooperate dickhead who is going to either die a very satisfying death, or stay around long enough to make fans mad that he still lives and others go, you got the guy whose loyal to Grant, the guy who makes jokes in tight situations, etc. If I was going to fault the first issue, it was that we didn’t really get a sense of who any of the supporting characters are, but this issue starts to address that right away, which I appreciated.

The Bounce #8

I think it’s time to let this one go. It’s the end of the year, and I’m doing some reevaluation. This is one of those titles that is just taking it’s sweet time, and based on my tastes, it’s not for me. I think there are some interesting concepts in there, but ultimately, I’m enjoying many more titles more than this one, and it’s just not doing anything to keep me interested. I mean…. it’s another issue of the protagonist (and now his brother) going “Man, the world’s fucked up, I feel lost” again. Yeah, I’ve heard it, and there’s probably some weird dimensional shit to give a cool answer, but after almost a year in, those answers still don’t seem any closer. So yeah, I think that’s it for me. Gave it a fair shot, just not my type of book.

Saga #17

Last issue ended with the thought “Hey! Shit is going to hit the fan!” and did it ever! People shooting shit, getting ready to mercy kill an infant, getting stabbed in the head, and having dying thoughts of orgies! That’s fucking Saga for you. Definitely a crazy issue with the death of at least one character, and possibly another… and who knows, there could be more, because Saga wants to fuck with me, I can just tell. Things have been building up to this issue for awhile, at least since the last scheduled break the book went on, so now I’m real curious to see where things go from here. 

Sex #9

Unlike Bounce, which I’m more or less done with, I’m definitely sticking with this Joe Casey book, and this issue is a big reason why. Every reader has known that Simon was a former super hero, basically in the vein of Batman, but we hardly got any taste of that, outside of a few choice panels of flash back spattered through the issue. This issue however, was mostly all flashback, to a time where Simon was operating as a hero, and dealing with a sort of loose cannon sidekick. Seeing all these characters as they were prior to the series first issue really gave this universe some footing to stand on, filling in a lot of gaps. With the context given in this issue, mixed with the fact that Simon seems to be up to something going forward, I have a feeling this book will sort of finally kick it into gear in the future, which if I’m right, I’ll be very happy about.

Pretty Deadly #3

This is a super strange book, but in a pretty good way. It's like a western fairy tale, and it gets SUPER fairy tale…y this issue. So, turns out the guy who locked Deathface Ginny's mom up in a tower is the blind guy we've been following around, and he was supposed to kill the girl he's currently taking care of in order to get "custody" of Ginny, but he didn't… now Ginny is on Earth, and apparently wants to kill him! It's kind of nuts and totally weird… but great. This is one of those books where you don't really know if any one is actually good. You'd think coming into this that Deathface Ginny is the good guy, because it seems she's the protagonist… but she comes off as kind of a dick this issue. So with that, who's the good guy? I don't know! Do you? No! Because there probably isn't one. Good book so far, weird, but good!

Witchblade #171

The finale of the Darkness series really left me sort of bummed out on the current state of the Top Cow universe, and those feelings sort of carried over to this week. Pessimism be damned though, I have to admit that the changes that Marz has brought back to to the title with his return are definitely intriguing me. There's a lot of questions surrounding the story in this book now, and my love for the character and general curiosity is what's keeping me on board for now. I have to admit thought, its kind of weird because Marz already did a story where Sara tries to give up the Witchblade. Everything is definitely different so far, but I'm worried if I'm going to care if she doesn't get it back.

Revival #16

This book has been on fire recently, I’ve said it a bunch of times before, but this second year on the title is really what has sold me on it. The story just keeps getting deeper and a bit crazier. I mean… a reviver is burning down the office of the college professor who is suspect number one in the murder of Em. There’s so much “WTF” going on in that one scene, it’s hard not to crave more answers. Compared to when this book was setting up, everything is just moving at such a fast pace now, and it has become really, really enjoyable because of it. There’s action, mystery and a whole lot of tension, which solicits may indicate boils over next issue… I’m guessing May gets too close to finding the bodies of the guys Em killed and Em decides she needs to keep her secret. I can’t wait!

East of West #8

This is one of those books where I’m not going to pretend I have a whole lot of insight to give on it, because I flat out don’t. There’s a lot of stuff here that leaves me scratching my head, but I do generally enjoy it, so I’m just sort of sitting back and soaking it all in. I did particularly like this issue, as we got a good look at the state of the Union, so to speak, with the new, and very ruthless President that was put into power by the other horsemen of the apocalypse. What can I say? The alternate U.S. is pretty damn interesting! I do hope the main story sort of picks up soon, but by now I’ve figured this “arc” or would be second trade volume is a whole lot of world building, filling in gaps while Death’s story takes its time.

Zero #4

Ales Kot and his various creators just continue to impress. I loved this particular issue because it reminded me a lot of my favorite issue from Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force run, the one where Magneto learns of the X-Force’s existence, and if I remember correctly, exchanges his silence for Wolverine assassinating a nazi living in South America. I’m sure Uncanny X-Force wasn’t the first to do this, but like Zero #4, it featured a sit down talk about ideology, etc between the target and assassin. There’s just a great sense of tension in scenes like that, and Ales Kot portrayed it perfectly… and like Uncanny X-Force, this issue gets real crazy and violent very quickly. To top it all off, this issue pretty much mirrors the opening scene of the first issue in a poetic way. Loving this book so far.

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  1. Wonder Woman should have more of a high-caliber series just like Superman and Batman do. Like if you took Superman out of Superman/Wonder Woman, that would be a great series to enhance the characterization Diana in the new 52.
    In terms of X-men, yeah I found it weird that no one mentioned Rogue. Apparently they took Rogue out of the next X-men movie too.