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Stack Rundown, 12/07/2013

Don't worry everyone! No one died this week, compared to last's massacre... Well, not in the books I read, at least. But really, does anything else matter? I'm from the internet, so clearly my tastes are the chosen tastes!

Earth 2 #18

Man, Tom Taylor wasted no time coming on to this book, where others may have thought “well, these are my first issues, I’ll set up what I really want to do.” Nope, just batshit crazy right out of the box. Crazy Superman? Sure! Batman shooting Joker in the head, OKAY! Jimmy Olsen a one man Anonymous meets Skynet? That’s cool! Aquawoman? Why not. Taylor is taking everything that made Injustice good, and doing just that in Earth 2, but it’s even better now, because it’s in the real continuity, which makes it that much more crazy. I’m at a weird place with DC right now, I feel they’ve allowed a lot of the New 52 line up to get stale, and I’m reading some books just out of habit, but this is a title that continues to be pure entertainment for how truly wild and unexpected it can be. 

Green Lantern #26

Okay, a month later and maybe I don’t think the “Green Lanterns trying to limit their use of the emotional spectrum so they don’t end the universe” thing is all that great. I can see it becoming annoying pretty quickly if every time someone uses a construct they go “oh no, I’m wasting emotional energy!” I mean, how many billions of years did it take to get to where Lights Out was? So it’s basically like waking up tomorrow, and being concerned that the sun is going to explode. Yeah, it’s gonna happen, but a long time from now. I get it, it’s sort of like global warming where you want to prevent it now, but it’s a comic, and I’m really not going to want everyone being tentative with their constructs for too long. Other than that… okay issue, I thought this Nol-Anj character was going to be something a little bigger, and she may turn out to be, but as of right now, she sort of fell flat. 

Swamp Thing #26

I’ll admit, my comic cynicism lead me to believe that Alec would come back, or we’d se how he’d come back by the end of this issue… Nope! Considering the next issue’s solicit says “the Seeder’s story ends here” I guess that’s exactly what we’ll get next issue. Expected, but I’ll admit, I find this whole Seeder = Swamp Thing has turned out to be a pretty good read. So far we’ve seen the Rot and the Red have their crazy, power hungry avatars, so it’s fun to see a crazy avatar for the Green. I am looking forward to how the Green responds to Alec once he does return, given that his attempting to distance himself from their wishes has been a pretty large part of Soule’s run, so them betting on the wrong horse should be… awkward? Final note, Jesus Saiz is killing it on this series.

Phantom Stranger #14

Another good issue of the series, with a lot of meat and some great looking art. Forever Evil: Blight has finally begun, and seems like there’s going to be more characters than advertised in it, like Black Lightning and Blue Devil, and I hope they don’t stop there. What I really like is the fact that they found something to do with that Chris character from real early on in the book, you know, the babysitter that was killed. I’m sure there wasn’t some grand plan for Forever Evil when that happened, but Blight using that kid as his physical presence makes it feel like there was some plan in place, instead of just throwing darts and going with whatever is hit. It’ll be fun to see how this is spread between the Blight guy, Sea King and the rest of whatever is going on in Forever Evil, which is what I hope they tie into more, because just the spirit of evil… that’s kind of weird, but we’ll see.

Green Arrow #26

You know what makes me happy? That Katana got cancelled. Why? Because if it wasn’t, I’d bet it would be tying into this Outsider war stuff, and because of my collector mentality, I would have at least given it a passing thought of “well maybe…” before coming to my senses. So yeah, the Outsiders War story has begun, and Lemire is doing his take on “what really happened on the island” intercut with the present day return to the island. There’s a lot to enjoy, but I still think it’s kind of weird sometimes how close this book gets to the show, but still keeping it’s distance in other ways. All this Outsider stuff seems interesting though, and Onyx fans should be happy to know she’s coming back in this story… are there any Onyx fans actually left though?

Action Comics #26

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get this issue. I think Greg Pak’s DC work has been good and I really like Aaron Kuder’s art, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through the whole process of trying to find interest in Superman, outside of something with all-star creators attached. Ultimately (and obviously) I ended up getting the issue and came away pleasantly surprised. I did genuinely enjoy the issue, and thought it did a good job of characterizing Superman as a powerhouse with a heart. The art was fantastic and I thought it had a pretty good set up for a bigger story. I also do like the fact that Lana knows Superman’s secret, I think it’s important to have someone outside of the super hero community to know, simply to keep things grounded a bit.

Amazing X-Men #2

Two issues in, and I’m really loving this book so far. Where other X books have your standard “the world hates us! griiiiiiiiiiim!” tropes, this title has just been sort of ridiculous fun so far. Demon pirates, I mean… come on! That’s so dumb in the best possible way! So far, I’m really enjoying the cast of characters as well, especially since I was unfamiliar with Northstar or and Firestar… which now that I’m writing those two names next to each other, I think it’s kind of weird to have to “Stars” on the roster, but oh well. Point is, all I knew about Northstar going into this was that he was gay, and Marvel had some wedding event for him, and I had never heard of Firestar before, but she’s definitely a stand out in this book so far, for how out of place she is. So yeah, really fun book so far, I’ll be relying on it to be that fun X book once Cable and X-Force ends.

Deadpool #20

So, as usual with this series, once an arc concludes, we get some inventory issues of Deadpool in a different decade, with retro styled art by Scott Koblish. This time? The late 60s, and everything is super Jack Kirby. Actually, it’s basically Jack Kirby on a ton of cocaine. I’ll be honest, this one didn’t do too much for me, and that’s because the Kirby stuff was just so much of a specific influence to this issue. Crucify me all you want, but I haven’t read a lot of Kirby stuff so while I *got* what was going on, I’m sure a lot of it flew over my head… now if the next one of these is 90s like the last two panels teased, then we’re talking.

Trillium #5

I have to imagine at some point when Jeff Lemire was pitching this series with all it’s weird visuals (how you have to turn the issue around nearly ever month) that someone probably said “That seems cool, but how is it going to work in the collection?” Lemire probably paused for a moment, then just continued on as if no one said anything. This issue you read the top half of the pages until you get to the end, where you turn it upside-down and read the bottom half all the way to the front. Both characters are in their swapped dimensions, both feeling something is not quite right, and every now and then, the scene on one half of the page will mirror the other half. It’s all a very cool concept, that’s fun to read… but still… going to be one hell of a trade, hah.

Invincible Universe #8

Uncanny Invincible Force? At the end of #6, that’s basically where this book was going, clandestine kill squad… but maybe not so much. First few issues of Uncanny X-Force? They kill a kid (Well, he was Apocalypse) this issue? There’s a kid, and he doesn’t get a bullet to the head! DIFFERENCES! It is cool to see this book do something different, all within the Invincible Universe… as it’s called. All that said, I struggle to actually come up with stuff to talk about this book. It’s a perfectly fine book that’s really fun and well illustrated, but… I don’t know, just can’t say much more past that.

Velvet #2

Don’t get me wrong, while I enjoyed this issue, I thought it was a bit of a let down compared to the series debut, which left a really strong impression. The reason why I was let down was mainly because this issue focused a little bit too much on action and not so much on the character of Velvet. We knew she was more than a secretary, that’s the whole point of the story, and yeah, she got set up. Outside of those two little bits we pretty much knew already, the rest of the issue is Velvet trying to escape her agency, who believes she killed an agent. The only other thing of note is that there’s a tease that something happened with her last mission, but lord knows when we’ll actually learn about that. All that said, still a really enjoyable book, and the art by Steve Epting and Elizabeth Breitweiser is fucking gorgeous, real top of the line stuff. 

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