Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #26

Years ago, it's confirmed that Talia resurrected Jason via Lazarus Pit, and had special plans for him, which are probably coming true now, as he and his friends are at the mercy of Ra's al'Ghul who has gone mad with power, thanks to absorbing the Untitled's power, or whatever. Watching from elsewhere, Essence feels it's time for her to help, but Ducra stops her, telling her daughter that this is Jason's moment, and her role in the upcoming events is yet to come.

So Jason is locked up with Roy and Kori, and here comes the tears, as Jason's still amnesiac and apologizing to his friends who he thought were evil, but realizes that all three of them aren't that good, nor are they bad. Then Roy tells Jason he's the one and he has the power to regain his memories and save them or something, but he better do it soon, as Ra's wants to test out his new powers.

So the League drags Kori and Roy to Ra's, even though Cheshire is feeling a bit uneasy about this whole situation, and as Ra's is doing some spooky hoo-doo with his Untitled powers, Jason wills himself to remember who he is, and it eventually all comes back to him. So hooray, Jason is his old self, gets out the chains, and starts kicking everyone's ass. But Ducra is not pleased by this, because apparently he regained his memories too early, or something.

So Jason starts fighting off the League one by one, and Cheshire has a change of heart, allowing Kori to blow off her shackles, later freeing Roy. Now the Outlaws are together once again, Jason says this was all part of the plan, and all is good! Or not, because as Essence cheers on Jason from afar, Ducra tells her that Jason just walked into his own death, and with his memories back, knows it's coming.


The Good:

Well, Jason's memories are back, and it only took just over half a year for that to happen. It was actually nice to see him not be annoying and melodramatic for a couple of pages. This is also the penultimate issue in this story... so, yeah, sort of good?

The Bad:

Still don't like the art, so not going to get into that one.

There's not a whole lot of nuance to Ra's here, he works better with more subtly, not the maniacal evil man pulsing with mystic power. I also don't really get what his end game is, other than he got the Untitled's power.

"Jason just walked into his death!" Yeah, no he didn't.

This just relies too heavily on the clich├ęd "YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!" trope. You know, the "All Story" where the protagonist is the predestined chosen one who will save everyone. You know in the Mass Effect games, Commander Shepherd.. who starts to be referred to as the Shepherd... and basically turns into Space Jesus? Yeah, that trope. It's just unrelatable , unpredictable, and ultimately unfitting to the character.

The Bottom Line:

I think this story has just turned me off to the idea of having some mystic element in Jason's past, it's just not working, and this issue goes real heavy on those tropes. Okay, Jason's the chosen one... why? What is this? What's the point of it all? Up until this point, there's no real indication of why any of this is happening. Sure, Jason does mention this was "all part of the plan" but that just leads me to expect a very deus ex machina plot explanation next issue. Mix that one big trope I'm completely tired of, the less-than-steallar art, the overdone/annoying melodrama, and a not a great Ra's al Ghul, and you get a pretty disappointing issue. The one thing I like about this issue, is the fact that this very drawn out arc is coming to a close soon.


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  1. I cant wait for the new run. Especially since it is Rafa Sandoval, who is universes better than goffpez.