Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SPOILERS: Forever Evil - Arkham War #3

Mad Hatter is with Mr. Freeze, attempting to resurrect the frozen Talons (which Freeze has a problem with) while the rest of Gotham remains in a large battle, and Killer Croc, who rescued Scarecrow and Man-Bat, returns Crane to the surface. To repay Croc, Crane promises Croc and his followers Wayne Tower, telling him its time they emerged from the sewers and took their rightful place.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Blackgate and Arkham continue to war, until Bane shows up, breaking up a fight and abducting Ogilvy to continue his deal with Penguin. Bane returns Oglivy to the Penguin, and in return gets info on where his Talons are, and some other information, mainly that while he's powerful, the Arkham inmates don't fear Bane, not like they feared him...

So what does Bane do? Time to go to his workshop and make himself a new costume. Abed Bane is Batman now.

So what is Bane's first plan as Batman? Well, know the old thought of going to prison, and beating up the strongest dude there? That's what Bane does, as he finds Croc on a top floor of Wayne tower. The two go at it for a bit, and Bane eventually wins, throwing Croc off the tower. With his first night as Batman complete, Bane tells his men to rest, for the next night they will "slice the throats of Gotham's freaks and take the Talons"


The Good:

I just like the idea of all the Gotham villains fighting, plain and simple. Art is nice too.

The Bad:

There's not a lot to it though... it's just sort of empty.

The Bottom Line:

I think this is the definition of middle of the line quality. There's a good idea here, supported by nice art, but past that, there's not a whole lot of content to be found in this issue. Perhaps if DC didn't spoil the fact that Bane puts on a Batman suit, then maybe it would have been a bit more worthwhile, but instead... yeah, that's pretty much all that happens, and we learned that two or so weeks ago.


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  1. The fight between Croc and Bane is too short. Croc should have lasted longer than he was portrayed in this issue.