Friday, December 13, 2013

SPOILERS: The Dick Grayson Report, 12/13/13

This guy is still alive? ...Fiiiiiiiiiine, I guess I should mention him. This week, Justice League #25 came out, and we learned a bit more about Owlman's obsession with Earth-Prime... Earth-0... whatever the fuck the regular DC Earth is called's Dick Grayson. So, let's talk about the walking corpse, shall we?

So basically, Owlman is like Batman, but where Batman is an asshole, Owlman is an even bigger asshole, and way more manipulative too. On Earth-3, it was Thomas Wayne Jr. who coordinated the murder of Dick Grayson's family (who weren't saints) and took Dick in. This was al so Dick would emotionally bond to Thomas, and thus be manipulated. But it seems that Earth-3 Dick Grayson eventually found out the truth, as hinted at in the Secret Society Villains Month issue, and it seems that didn't turn out well... Then Earth-3 Dick got turned into chopped Dick by the Joker.

Moving on, in the present, it seems that not even the Crime Syndicate likes the Crime Syndicate, and Owlman wants to take down Ultraman, who is weak due to the lack of Kryptonite on regular DC earth. So what does Owlman want from Dick? Well, he wants Dick to be his "partner in crime" in the words of the Outsider, and help bring down Ultraman.

What does Dick say?


But guess what!? Superwoman also hears Owlman's plans, and even though he's her baby's daddy, why should that mean she won't betray him? That, and it also seemed that Owlman wasn't completely honest either, so... yeah, deal with the devil right there. If I remember correctly, some similar stuff happened in Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's JLA: Earth-2, so it looks like the Crime Syndicate ultimately being their own undoing is going to happen again... but it probably won't go smoothly for anyone involved, especially Dick.

We also get some information about Dick's current status quo? Remember Chicago? Yeah, that all got blown up... who knows, maybe his roommates too! They weren't mentioned, but Owlman straight up says they destroyed his life in Chicago, and since they revealed his identity, he wouldn't have been able to go back to it anyways. So, those holding out that nothing major with Dick would change and everything would last happily ever after... haha, no.

Something is definitely up with Nightwing, and that solicit that was released today really supports it. I mean... putting every villain that has been in the volume so far on the cover? Definitely screams "end of an era." I don't think Dick is going to die (I'm still going to make jokes though) but something big is definitely going to happen... like him dying his hair blonde!

How much you want to bet a creative change comes as well? There's been rumors of Tynion writing Nightwing... but a new Nightwing, who is female, and that Batman #28 image definitely threw a lot of fuel on that fire. What I'm getting at, is that it really seems like Higgins is going to be out on Nightwing, hell, maybe March's issue is his last. I feel bad for the dude, as he had the task of writing a title that seemingly every other arc was a mandated crossover.

I mean think about it... First arc opened, then, OH! Court of Owls tie-ins. Then the idea is that Dick will establish himself in Gotham, renovate the circus and Amusement Mile... Then the Joker blew it up, and yet another new direction had to be cooked up. Chicago seemed like a great new fresh start for the character, and well that got fucking blown up too! The character, and Kyle, straight up couldn't win. It sucks, and if, (emphasis on the "if," because I could be wrong) this really is the beginning of the end of Kyle's run, I don't think it'd be fair to completely judge any shortcomings one may find on the run on Kyle Higgins, because Nightwing has been the DC crossover's whipping boy since the beginning.

On a final note, I'm not trying to diminish the stories that were told in the crossovers. In both "Night of the Owls" and "Death of the Family," I think Kyle's tie-ins were among the best, doing some clever things to tie Dick to the situation. What I don't like is the result of the constant crossovers and how they fuck over any new direction given to Nightwing as a character. That's the messed up part.

Things are (once again) changing for Nightiwng, that's for sure.


  1. And the mention of Zsasz in the newest solicit suggests that #29 is gonna end where Forever Evil began.