Wednesday, December 4, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman/Superman #6

Sooooo, umm, Mongul killed Batman? Straight up hole through his chest dead. All this, while Jimmy Olsen and the rest of the "gamers" watch on in amazement, thinking this is the greatest game ever, but Toymaster is freaking out, trying to tell them it's real.

Of course, Mongul's arrival on Earth doesn't go unnoticed by Superman, who shows up shortly after, and isn't too optimistic about the vital signs (none) he's getting from Bruce, but has to fight off Mongul either way. While fighting Mongul, Clark feels there's something wrong with him, he's angry, and he has to actively fight off the urge to kill Mongul. So instead of killing Mongul, he does the next best thing and punches him 200 miles away, into the ocean, then goes to check on Bruce.

Yep, still dead. But then something happens, the nano machines, or whatever, that are controlling and creating this game take a hole, and resurrect Bruce, giving him all sorts of powers, so naturally, the three people playing the game try to use them to attack Superman, but that all comes to an end when Clark addresses Jimmy directly.  So, Jimmy realizes this is real, and sort of freaks out a bit. Everyone's attention turns to Toymaster's engineer, Agnes, who is actually some crystal boned alien, who has the machine controlling the "game." Bruce tries to destroy the machine, but Clark stops him, saying if he does, it could mean the end of him as well.

By this point, Mongul is back, and he's attacking Gotham, so Clark throws super powered Bruce into action, and goes for round two with Mongul. Unfortunately for them both, Agnes takes the "game" out of beta, and launches it to the world with the help of whatever those spores that were spread last issue. With the worlds gamer's logging on, they create a hive mind which takes control of Bruce, and uses him to attack Clark, keeping him away from Mongul who is ready to take over Earth.


The Good:

This story is so weird and absurd in a good way! Everything is just so over the top, it's kind of hard not to take some dumb enjoyment out of this. As noted with the previous issue, I think Brett Booth's art fits this sort of story perfectly, and I love the mini avatars for the gamers, especially Jimmy, whose facial expressions, freaking out about how great the game is, or realizing it's not a game, are pretty damn funny. Andrew Dalhouse's colors were particularly pretty great in this issue as well, lots of colorful and glowing laser beams for him to color, and it just made everything fit into the video game theme that much better.

The Bad:

This story is so weird and absurd in a bad way! My biggest issue with this is that it's at times too over the top. Batman straight up got a hole blasted through his chest, and died... Then turned into MechaBatman or something... WHAT? Obviously, it's not going to last, but that's the problem. The reason why I wasn't into Superman/Batman pre-New 52 was because those stories hardly ever mattered. They happened outside of continuity (for the most part) and I just prefer stories that technically "matter." That's just me and my preferences. This definitely crosses into that territory. While fun, there's just a part of me that can't buy into it.

Also, while this game runs 1080p and 60FPS on PS4, I hear it's sub HD on the Xbox One with some frame rate problems... GAF!

The Bottom Line:

The enjoyment you'll find in this issue depends on how open you are to bat-shit-insanity, because it's a pretty ridiculous and out there concept. While part of me can't take this arc too seriously, or believe it'll have any sort of lasting effect on either Batman or Superman, I do enjoy it for how crazy it gets. If you're like me, but even more hardcore and everything needs to be serious business all the time, then you'll probably not enjoy this that much, but hey, this is a story that definitely aims for a specific tone and not everyone's going to like that. On the other hand, if you love video games, and you love the idea of MechaBatman and Superman fighting, then this is probably right up your alley, so grab some Mountain Dew and Doritos and unlock some achievements.


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