Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Batman #28 Takes a Zero Year Break

So it would turn out that like Batman #24, the final issue of the second arc of Zero Year ("Dark City") ended up being a bit longer than your standard issue, and with holidays coming up, team Batman figured out a way to give artist Greg Capullo more time on the issue.

So, February's #28, the finale to "Dark City" gets pushed back to March's #29. In place of this issue, #28 will feature a story written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion, with art by Dustin Nguyen, set six months in the future of the current timeline of Gotham, meaning this issue jumps into the middle of whatever status quo Batman: Eternal will set up. A total "spoiler" issue (note: I don't think that means anything specific in regards to you-know-who, but you never know) as Snyder puts it... So basically it's like Five Years Later but hush, hush, that totally doesn't exist maybe.

Above you can take a look at a character design by Dustin Nguyen, and if you don't like Zero Year (because you're crazy) then TOO BAD! Gonna last a month longer. Also it seems by some talk in this post that Eternal might be a summer thing, rather than spring... Hopefully not though!

EDIT: The hot theory on the internet is that this is some Nightwing 2.0 Harper Row. I can see why people may think that. Piercing, funky hair that's dyed, etc... But I don't buy into it. For a couple of reasons...

One, Harper is a pretty street level character, whoever this character is has a gun larger than her entire body, and unless Batman: Eternal gets that fucking crazy, I don't see Harper going from street level electrician to "Rob Liefeld can go cry in a corner CUS LOOK HOW BIG MY GUN IS!" vigilante. Second, I doubt DC would spoil Harper becoming Nightwing in a character design sketch. Third, Dustin Nguyen described this as a new character, so take that for what you will.

(Source: Scott Snyder's Twitter)


  1. The first time I read Snyder's tweet, I thought he meant the character was an "Arkham escapee", then I realized he meant the artist...

    I do love ComicBookMovie's idea that this is Harper Row as a replacement Nightwing. That would be cool!

    1. I don't buy it. Harper Row as Nightwing with a gun the size of her? Nope.

  2. Fair enough. Well, seeing as they're calling it the Spoiler Issue, I have to say Stephanie Brown has changed a lot in the New 52.

    (I'm kidding, but can you imagine?)

  3. What if it's Cassandra Cain? If she can't be Batgirl or Black Bat, maybe she'll be a new Nightwing.