Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stack Rundown, 11/23/2013

Handful of great books this week. Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy's The Wake reached it's midpoint, meanwhile, you had main characters shitting in potted plants over in Sex Criminals, which has become my favorite title of 2013 already. How's that for different ends of the spectrum? I'M DIVERSE.

Animal Man #25

Jeff Lemire better lay of this happy married couple shit, or else Dan Didio is going to come in and leave nothing but scorched earth on the title. But honestly, I’m glad to see Buddy and Allen reconcile. I wasn’t a fan of the drama between them following Cliff’s death, but can understand why. That said, this book has been pretty damn fun since Albuquerque came on board, though I’m not sure how much longer he’s got… American Vampire calls. But Albuquerque does fit this book like a glove, the way he draws Brother Blood, the Church of Blood and all the characters in the Red… well, I’m going to say he’s drawn them the best. Loved what Travel Foreman did, Steve Pugh was good too, but Albuquerque’s style was practically made for this. Quite a weird ending to the issue as well… ANIMAL MAN IN SPAAAAAAAACE! …or something like that.

Green Lantern New Guardians #25

I'm curious as to where this title goes now. When the current creative team took over, it was all set up for Lights Out, and now that Lights Out is over, it seems Justin Jordan is able to stretch his wings a bit. I thought this had some interesting elements to it, that being cus it was way more thought provoking than I thought it'd be. The plot is centered around this planet that coordinates everything going right. Imagine the butterfly effect, but everything that happened turned out pretty awesome. Well, they do this by taking everything bad that happens, and trading it with another universe where something good happened, which turns these other universes into hell holes. So, does Kyle Rayner think that's right? Nope! And there's your conflict. It's interesting, for sure… still not super wild on implied Kyle/Carol romance, though. 

Wonder Woman #25

So there's a part in this issue where the now mortal Hera speaks about how the Olympians just did what they pleased whenever they wanted, and this issue really shows off a lot of that. No one holds allegiance to anyone else, and they're brutal, twisted people. Early in the series, Hephaestus seemed like an ally to Wonder Woman, and now he's just willing making a weapon for Strife to use against her. Good looking out, Heph. Then you have Apollo eating pieces of the First Born… he's still alive, by the way. Just crazy shit, all around. Definitely illustrates how dark the Gods can be some times. Also… Wonder Woman leaving Strife in charge and trusting her is the STUPIDEST THING EVER. Why would you do that?!

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #5

This was that one book of the week where I think it's fine, there's nothing wrong with it, but I just don't have much to say about it. Just some set up for the Forever Evil: Blight crossover, while The Outsider laughs at Pandora, because that's what evil dudes do. Not a whole lot of other stuff past "this is what these evil spirits really are, and if you get rid of them, then it won't change anything!" …seems like a pretty good reason not to bother with those spirits of evil.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2

I’m not a huge fan of the Rogues, not like some people who have somewhat of a cult fan mentality for them, but whatever, I can enjoy them, and I think this series is pretty fun so far. The main problem I’m having is these first two issues retread some ground that had already happened in Forever Evil. We saw in Forever Evil #3 what happened when the Rogues were confronted by Deathstorm and Power Ring, yet here we are, 9 pages, nearly 50% of the book, showing the same event over again. I just feel like this sort of stuff could be coordinated a lot better. Sure, there’s a chance that some people reading this aren’t reading the actual Forever Evil mini, but you have to think there’s a VERY small percentage of crazies who read like that. It’s only common sense. Aside from that, it was okay, seems like it’ll take place in Gotham for the next two or three issues, so that’s cool. 

Uncanny X-Men #14

With the O5 X-Men coming to Cyclops’ new school, I was wondering if the lines between this title and All-New were going to blur a bit too much, because would it really make sense to keep these two groups of kids separate at all times? Well, that problem was avoided for at least a month with this issue focusing on a solo adventure (sort of… guided my Emma) of one of the new kids, Benjamin Deeds. I think if this book does just that, and do singular issues focusing on telling stories about the new mutants, while building the larger story around them, then it could work really well with All-New also taking place at the same school. There’s plenty potential in that, especially since despite being introduced in the book, things have been so chaotic that the established characters’ problems have taken center stage. Who knows, I could be wrong, and this could have been a one off story, I don’t pay attention to Marvel solicits nearly as much as DC, soooo ???

X-Men #7

New arc! I thought it started off okay. I know a bit about Lady Deathstrike, and now she’s back… she’s a bad guy that does bad things, I can get with that. Not going to lie though, I was a little lost being that the two characters this issue focused on, Monet and Karima, I’ not too familiar with. I get Kamira is a human sentinel who got woken up after that first arc, but Money is straight up new to me. Apparently she was in X-Factor, and needs somewhere to lay low? Yeah, I don’t know, should probably look that up at some point. But then we had Terry Dodson’s art, which I love, so that’s cool, at least. There’s a noticeable absence of Rogue in this issue, as well as the “featured characters” on the title page… Uncanny Avengers next week could be the reason why.

Cable and X-Force #16

So, this book is ending. That sucks. Sure, the new X-Force book that is replacing this and Uncanny X-Force sounds okay, but I REALLY love this book and its mix of characters. The current story is fine, of all the characters, I think Forge is the weak link, so a story surrounding him isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but whatever, it’s still fun. Like most books that I know are getting cancelled, when I’m reading the issues that are still coming out, I can’t help but feel a bit bummed and melancholy about them. Same here. Instead of really enjoying everything, I can’t help but wonder where characters like Boom Boom are going to go, what’s going to happen to Dom and Colossus, and why does Marvel hate me so much? DEPRESSING TIMES!

Sex Criminals #3

God, this book just keeps getting better and better. Like Chew, Sex Criminals really sells itself on all the little things it does, while providing a great story at that. Be it the “Obamacore” section in the porn shop, or a series of caption boxes of Queen lyrics that have Matt Fraction explaining how they tried really hard to get the rights to use the lyrics, but ran out of time, or maybe it’s just a good old fashioned dildo to the face. That said, you could have all the goofy shit in the world, but it wouldn’t amount to much if there was nothing to back it up, and with each issue, as Suzie and Jon’s relationship grows, it bolsters up the whole package with plenty of heart. I wonder where this book will go. Right now it’s a split between flashbacks, present day stuff, and flash forwards to when they’re robbing the bank. The whole series can’t be Suzie and Jon robbing this one bank, but I have no clue as to where it goes from here. Oh well, wherever that is, I’m sure it’ll be great.

Zero #3

You know what’s weird about this book? Aside from the chronology? The fact that it can basically make you care about characters via association. We know the main character, Edward, he’s been the constant in these three issues so far, but last issue we met Mina, a young (at the time) girl who was trained by the agency as well, and in this issue, something bad happens to her. I found myself basically thinking “oh no” at the end of the issue, because what happens to Mina definitely seems like one of those things that’s going to come back and haunt Edward going forward, but also because I knew Edward felt something towards her, and I like him as a character so far, so I had a bit of empathy towards her. If this was just a simple narrative, I probably wouldn’t care as much, given 2 issues is a stretch to really start to care about a supporting character, but because there are these gaps in time, you can be more open to the possibility of believing there’s context to these relationships that hasn’t been seen yet. Really interesting book so far.

The Wake #5

Half way point of the series, and after this, we jump forward to where the story began in the post apocalyptic water world. So what happened? Well, those fucking mermaid sorta creatures just destroyed the earth! And now we must wait until February for the second half and for answers. GAH! I want it now. While I like the concept of this title as a whole sort of being like two different books, I’m kind of bummed at the conclusion to the first half. I think Lee was a cool character, and would have liked to have seen this setting, and the events that lead to the second half explored a bit more. I guess that would have contradicted the sci-fi horror movie vibe it was going for, because things don’t usually end well in that genre, nor do said things last too long. It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes in the second half in terms of what the end game is. The world is pretty fucked, so what’s this character Leeward out to accomplish?


  1. I'm wondering if there will be crossover between Rogues Rebellion and Arkham War.

    1. I don't think so, I think it's just going to be set during the Arkham War.

  2. Zero is great! I shop at a pretty big store, and they're barely stocking it, which bums me out. I'm excited for Kot's upcoming Marvel work.

  3. For my money, 'Wonder Woman' is the best New 52 book after 'Batman.' I'm still enjoying it as much as I did when it was launched. Also, I wholeheartedly endorse Sex Criminals -- G.S. is right about how awesome and hilarious it is. Thanks for the heads-up on Zero. I didn't know anything about it until reading this. It sounds a bit like Greg Rucka's 'Queen & Country.'

  4. There's gotta be a connection between Lee and Leeward. That can't be coincidental.