Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stack Rundown, 11/16/2013

I think I got this post done in record time. This shit was done Thursday, but I got a schedule to keep, so Saturday stays! Why so early? THAT PLAYSTATION QUATRO.

Suicide Squad #25

First off, I love the different costumes Patrick Zircher puts Harley in. The footy jammies in Kot’s run, and the winter suit in this arc? Great. Yeah, yeah, cleavage is still showing, but at least she’s not in her usual costume in the icy mountains. Anyways, so far, this series is turning out to be my favorite Forever Evil tie in? Why? Well, because it manages to stay true to itself (themes, style, etc) without sacrificing everything that’s made it good recently for the sake of the crossover, all while tying into the crossover seamlessly. All too often a book’s momentum gets somewhat halted by trying into a crossover, but everything here still flows really nicely into the bigger picture of the crossover. It’s also nice to see heroes/villains realize they’re being manipulated for once, instead of just punching each other. How many times have we read books and go “Yeah, if someone just said something, this entire fight could end quickly.” So, thanks for making someone say something, crushing that trope, Matt Kindt. The Harley turn was somewhat unexpected, but like Thinker says, she’s highly unpredictable, and I bet it bites him in the ass, eventually.

Justice League of America #9

Where I thought Matt Kindt’s Suicide Squad issue this week was really awesome, I thought this issue was really average. Too much of the same from last issue. Martian Manhunter going through different levels of this weird prison the Justice Leagues have been put into, then Stargirl, who got out of it last issue, goes back in, and repeats the levels we’ve already seen before, while cut with some generic origin stuff. Wasn’t like a poorly written issue or anything, it just didn’t do anything for me. Wasn’t huge on the art either, like the story, I just found it to be average.

Superman/Wonder Woman #2

So overall, I thought this was a pretty good second issue. The Phantom Zone sort of breaking is a cool plot device, and clearly is how we get Zod back in the picture, even if it is a bait and switch with Doomsday, oh well. On top of the cool story, we got some more great art from Tony Daniel, and I’m still going to say this is some of the best of his career. All that said, there was some shit that I sort of just groaned at. Not because I took offense or anything, but because I know out there, someone did, and is bitching on tumblr. Superman coming to save Wonder Woman? Apollo telling Wonder Woman she’s “slutting around” with an alien? Like… this book already unjustly has a target put on it by all the crazies… why make their life easier and justify their craziness? I’m not going to seek out people complaining about this, I just don’t care to read it, but I know it’s there. Overall, I’d just avoid this type of shit.

Constantine #8

This issue was fine… lots of back stabbing and sneakiness all around. I really don’t have much to say with it, and at this point, I’m in it for the Forever Evil crossover. I do find it weird that the next issue is apparently going to go back to the end of Trinity War… psh, old news. I think that’s a weird move, unless it’s literally just like the first couple of pages. But yeah, book’s okay… don’t have much else to say on the subject.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual #1

I’ve mentioned somewhere that I read all the Injustice digital chapters, never actually wrote it up in these posts because writing something about weekly short chapters didn’t seem worth it. Regardless, I thought it was really good, despite really having no business being that great. Let’s face it, some of DC’s tie in series to video games haven’t been that great. This annual followed the regular series tone and style of just being great. Tom Taylor’s Harley Quinn is always entertaining, and pairing her up against Lobo just made it that much more fun. While artistically, the issue was somewhat of a team effort, I was happy to see Bruno Redondo draw some of it. You may remember him from Injustice’s flat out best chapter, where Harley and Green Arrow sort of “team-up,” and that’s once again referenced. I just love Redondo’s take on Harley in particular. I know he drew a few other chapters for the series, but his Harley was much better in my book. Don’t know why this didn’t come out during October when DC had other annuals… or why it came out so late in the timeline to begin with (Green Arrow is still alive) but oh well, still fun, and I’m looking forward to Year Two.

Deadpool #19

This arc comes to an end in a fitting manner, as serious as it started. While I thought the last two issues were pretty huge gut punches, and very surprisingly emotional, this issue didn’t really have that punch for me… But when you think about it, it would be kind of hard to have things get any worse for Wade given everything that happened. Still though, there was one loose end dangling with Wade’s daughter, which, I’d like to see followed up on, eventually. What I did really like about this issue was the deep shades of grey morality that were present in stuff like Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force. I mean… you have Captain America basically looking the other way while Wade kills a dude with his bare hands. Super dark when you think about it, but quite fitting for this arc. I thought the Zombie POTUS arc was pretty good in a funny way, but this arc was really good in a really good comic sort of way.

All-New X-Men #18

This issue was pretty okay until after getting his new costume, Angel said “I feel like an all-new X-man!” at which point I wanted to jump off a bridge because that kind of on the nose self awareness is so groan-worthy… I may be overreacting. What I’m REALLY happy about, is the fact that everything I said about Jean being manipulative got brought up. “Oh, to hell with fate, what’s up Beast!? …oh you don’t want to ditch this place? Well, I guess I’ll just Bonnie and Clyde it with Cyclops then.” Fuck you, Jean! So what if the X-Men from the future were evil! Still manipulative! That’s one thing that bugs me, actually. So the X-Men from the future were evil… oh well, but it’s not like they were trying to hurt the O5, they just wanted to send them back to their own time. I think everyone agrees that they shouldn’t have been brought to the present in the first place, so really… what was the problem with the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants just wanting to send them back? Oh yeah… this is comics, forced conflict.

The Bounce #7

Okay! I think I’m pretty much on board with this series now, everything is starting to become a bit clearer now. For whatever reason, this issue just seemed a bit more straight forward than others, which is pretty much the only thing I’ve wanted from this book. A lot of context to the world was given through the Vamp’s origin story, and sure enough, government tests to create super humans goes wrong. But there’s still that extra layer of shit going on, mainly with Jasper and his whole life just feeling not entirely right, plus that sort of super hero heaven of sorts he’s been too. So, I stuck with a book, and I’m starting to get rewarded for my patience, so hooray? Go me.

Coffin Hill #2

So far so good on this series, in my book at least. After getting introduced to Eve last issue, we learn just a bit more about her here, but the bigger picture gets laid out a bit more in this issue. What’s the bigger picture? Well, there’s some spooky witchcraft shit going on in the forest, the same that Eve tampered with ten years ago, and now it’s back, worse than ever. Seems like this title is going down a supernatural mystery sort of route, which I’m fine with, I don’t read many titles like that, so it’s something unique in my pull. Stylistically, I still think it’s one damn gorgeous book, so that hasn’t changed form the first issue. I also thought this issue had a better flow from start to finish than the last. It’s hard to grasp everything two issues in, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this title so far, and I’d recommend checking it out.


  1. Suicide Squad isn't that impressive when you think about Kindt started on the title during the crossover, so I think it's easier for him to tie the title into the event than if he had to do it months into writing the series. Also, I'm kind of disappointed with the usage of Waller's collar.
    The one thing I did enjoy about JLA was the cliffhanger.

    1. Bad guys show up, that's pretty much the oldest cliffhanger in the book, plus, it's practically the cover for the next issue.