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Stack Rundown, 11/09/2013

Jesus, it's November already? Where the hell has this year gone? I mean, really... time flies when you judge the passage of time based on what comics come out on any given week.

What do I got this week... Earth 2 has a new writer, the X-Men franchises battles Batman to see how many books they can put out, and hey look at that, I'm finally current on Fatale.

Forever Evil #3

This entire series is worth it if only for the little scenes where Catwoman isn’t written like the piece of shit her current book is. Sticking her tongue out at Morrow? Favorite scene in the whole book. Past that, I really enjoy the title, but it’s pretty weird. I think Johns may be relying a little much on his Justice League tie-ins to tell the full story, because there are only four issues of this book yet, and the Injustice League hasn’t even been formed yet. Last I checked, Sinestro is supposed to be here, and lord knows, that’ll need to be explained in detail. The series so far has felt pretty decompressed, but there’s still a lot to love. Like I mentioned before, Catwoman (along with Batman, who for fuck’s sake, is BATMAN) is great, and I’m finding Lex Luthor, one of the smartest people on earth, talking with Bizarro, one of the stupidest, to be pretty entertaining. We’re just about at the half-way point of the series, and while it’s been fun so far, I’m ready for it to really kick into gear.

Green Lantern #25

Hal is a pretty dumb choice to be the leader of the Green Lantern Corps, each issue makes that more clear… but in a good way. It really seems like Venditti is aware that Hal is a bad choice, and the shit that comes from it is the whole point. I mean… Hal is really trying to police the use of emotional spectrum… outside the Green Lantern Corps, of course. That’s so dumb! What a bad idea! Nonetheless, Hal is going through with it. With the rest of this issue’s story, outside of Hal being dumb, focusing on that Star Sapphire introduced earlier, it really reminded me of early on in Geoff Johns’ original reboot of Green Lantern. Not that it was a Geoff Johns like story, but just that vibe of weird space adventures. It was fun, and had some pretty good fights, along with Kilwog being awesome. Fun issue… Hal is still dumb.

Superman Unchained #4

Has anyone said this is the Batman Incorporated of Superman books yet? Because when you think about it, it really is. All-star writer, just doing his own thing, not really bothering with the current status quo. It’s got a weird name, and people think it’s out of continuity. Leviathan… Ascension… It’s completely Batman Incorporated, except it’s doing somewhat normal things, while for some reason, Lois Lane is in a fucking coma with some glowing blue projection of her doing super heroics… or something? That’s fucking stupid, just going to say that. Because of these similarities, I enjoy the book for the same way, don’t really care what’s going on outside of it, and enjoy it for what it is. Does everything happening inside the book make complete sense outside of it? No, not really… I mean Jimmy is being turned into a cyborg or something? Who knows. But you know what? Like Inc, it’s just a fun and sort of crazy ride. Jim Lee’s art doesn’t hurt either.

The Phantom Stranger #13

For awhile there, I thought that whole Trinity of Sin thing got lost in the shuffle, but nothing like Constantine bringing those three together. That’s what a lot of this issue dealt with, there was a little Sin Eater in there, but it seems his demon dog told him to shelf his hate for the Stranger for awhile, because he’s got a crossover to tie in to with Forever Evil: Blight, which this issue sets up on the last page. Before that, there’s a lot to do with the Question, as he and the Stranger go for round two against each other. It’s an interesting story beat that I feel has gotten the short end of the stick. Not launching a Question book when they renamed this title and launched Pandora was a missed opportunity, in my opinion. I think there’s a cool story to be told with the mystery that surrounds New 52 Question, and a little bit of that is sort of hinted to here, but post Forever Evil? I’m not sure, it may be too late, and I can’t imagine the market for a book such as that would be huge. We’ll see though. Overall, another good issue, looking forward to seeing what happens in JLD #24.

Swamp Thing #25

Huh, well… wasn’t expecting Alec to lose that fight, but he did, and now Jason Woodrue is the avatar of the Green… I guess I should have paid more attention to the next issue’s solicitation. Reading those solicits, it seems like we’re getting an issue of Woodrue fucking things up, then the next one will have Alec coming back and fixing stuff, as one would expect. I mean, reading this issue, I never thought Alec was completely out for the count, but having him lose this round was pretty surprising. Outside of the surprising ending, there was just so much cool Green stuff with the battles. Alec intimidating Woodrue, then coming back from the friggen moon, that was great! Also… said this last week, but Jesus Saiz needs to STAY on this book. If he’s not going to draw attractive ladies in Birds of Prey, I’ll take him drawing giant plant monsters instead!

Earth 2 #17

Blah, blah, blah, drama, drama, drama. Some people have taken a hard stance against this book now that James Robinson is no longer writing it, and they’re fucking crazy. Yeah, it sucked, but time to move on, and this issue surely makes that easy, because holy crap, the last issue hit the pedal to the metal, and this issue did not let up. Tom Taylor had a pretty great debut on the series, especially since he was given he ultimate toy of destruction to play with in an evil Superman. Dude literally left an entire scar on the earth. Evil Superman’s destruction knows no bounds! The action was crazy, and the twists were plentiful, especially Lois Lane’s… “essence” of sorts being in Red Tornado now. Then of course we’ve got Batman, and his crazy ass plan to use all the crazies from Arkham to help combat evil Superman. Holy shit, am I excited for this book now.

Amazing X-Men #1

I read a good amount of X-Men before the Marvel Now stuff. Not a whole lot, but I’ve got a nice collection of trades on my shelf. I always liked Nightcrawler from what little I actually read of him in books, and I liked him in other iterations, so there was no question that I was going to try out this book. While the Nightcrawler stuff was fine, what I really liked about this issue was Firestar’s introduction into the Jean Grey School. Her entering the school for the first time was really, really funny. Everything happening was just sort of over the top, almost slapstick in nature, couldn’t help but laugh at some of the scenes she was a part of. I thought this was over all, a pretty good start, and I’m looking forward to when Wolverine actually comes face to face with Nightcrawler, that should be good. I’m also now contemplating on continuing with Wolverine and the X-Men, post Battle of the Atom. We’ll have to see.

East of West #7

I’m starting to find that this may be a book that’s best costumed in larger chunks for me. It’s a pretty deep story, a good one at that, but after reading issues #1-5 all in one night, then doing the monthly wait for #6 and #7, I’m not sort of grasping things as much. This may be because I read way too many books, who knows, but I found myself trying to remember things or what happened a little too much this issue. What I find interesting is the way this, and the previous issue have instead of do a ton of story progression, have instead taken a step back and sort of fill in the gaps of the universe. These past two issues have definitely been all about the world building, so perhaps that’s why I’m not as in to them relatively speaking, because I loved that core story surrounding Death in the first arc. Not saying the world building is bad, by any means, just pointing out one of the possible reasons I wasn’t as drawn into these past two issues.

Fatale #18

I’ve been catching up with this series over the past month, and it’s totally weird just to jump in writing about it at issue 18. I feel like I need to explain some things, but there’s just so much shit to explain, I don’t think there’s necessarily a great place to start, so if you don’t know much about the story, sorry… go read it, it’s good. If I’m right, this is the penultimate issue of the 90s grunge arc? So far, this has been the craziest arc in terms of Josephine’s effect on men. Tons of sex and violence, and it just keeps going this issue, with her causing the band to hide a dead body, then some crazy orgy breaks out during their video shoot, and then of course, Josephine finally gets her memories back. It’s all pretty nuts, and as with all the previous arcs, I bet it doesn’t end well for anyone. Some other people are probably going to die, just guessing. I do wonder where this book goes from now. Based on 20’s solicit, it seems like the arc is going to stay in the present with Nick, so I’m wondering if a conclusion could eventually be reached soon? Who knows. I haven’t really read many interviews on the subject. 

Trillium #4

Man Vertigo… I almost forget about you every week there’s something new I need to read. This issue went all sorts of sci-fi crazy, and I’m not entirely sure that the universe didn’t completely end at the end of it. I haven’t really been keeping up with the solicits, and as I said above, almost forget about this book each month, so oddly enough, that sort of keeps me on the edge of my seat reading, since I don’t really know what’s coming up next. The one issue I have with the book is, I’m not all that sold on the romance aspect. Unless that time when Nika and William tripped balls on the flower was THAT life altering, their fondness for each other seemed to have popped up just because. Each issue has been so fast paced, it’s just hard to get any space for their relationship to develop… I guess all time ending may do that.

Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash #3

After some delays, issue #3 is finally out! …and hopefully, no more delays, but I’m not holding my breath. Everything I’ve loved so far about this series is present, lots of gory violence and sexual innuendo! Who does’t like that combination? This issue, Cassie and Ash get some professional killers sent their way, and are forced to use some of the pages they’ve been collecting to fight off their attackers, and I’ll just say, their evil twins and tiny versions of themselves were the highlight of the issue. While I liked the issue a lot, I didn’t find it as funny as the last issue, but that’s just because I thought that one was really funny. So, despite the delays, the book hasn’t really missed a beat.

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  1. I think the formation of the Injustice League will definitely jump start Forever Evil