Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SPOILERS: Talon #13

As John Wycliffe and the Court of Owls continues to indoctrinate Sarah Washington even more, Talon and Casey's agents continue to search for the little girl all over Gotham, where they believe the Court of Owls may be binding, to no luck. Elsewhere, Sebastian Clarke and Felix Harmon take the old Harbor House as their own, planning an attack on the Court of Owls, who are hiding in the old Orchard Hotel.

Casey, who is pretty smart, tells Calvin to look at the Orchard Hotel, but Calvin believes their "Eden" base to be sealed off, and for whatever reason, thinks there's no way to get oxygen to it.... uuuh. But regardless, Casey insists, so Anya and Joey go off to search Amusement Mile, Edgar stays behind to guard Casey, and Calvin finally goes to the hotel, but not before telling Casey that he loves her and promising to get Sarah back.

Inside the hotel, John Wycliffe comes to find many members of the Court slaughtered, and begins to panic, but then Calvin shows up, demanding to know where Sarah is. John begs him to stop before he shows up, but Calvin is only interested in Sarah, who makes an appearance, being held by Felix Harmon.

Calvin gets Felix to let Sarah go, by baiting him into a fight, and as they do, Casey notices Calvin's signal getting lost, so she knows she was right about the Hotel, and calls in her agents, meanwhile, Sebastian sets up a bomb to blow the hotel sky-high.

On his way through the hotel, Sebastian comes across a wounded Wycliffe, and puts a bullet between his eyes, thus resuming his role as Grandmaster of the Court. Soon after that, Sebastian finds Sarah, who has seemingly become indoctrinated and tells him that she wants to kill Calvin herself.

Calvin's fight against Felix is going pretty poorly, and they're eventually surrounded by a good number of Talons, but Sebastian shows up, claiming to be their grandmaster again. As Felix has Calvin pinned to the ground, he starts to inject him with the serum that deteriorates Talons flesh, but there's a giant explosion, and Casey (robot arm and all) has shown up with her agents, and are ready for a fight.


The Good:

This is James Tynion's penultimate issue, and it shows. Lots and lots of stuff going on in this issue. What was great about this issue was that once it got going, it really didn't let up, but still found these little character moments to balance things out a bit. With all the crazy shit going on, it really whet my appetite for Tynion's final issue on the series next month. (Actually, scratch that, it might be one of those books that gets pushed to the first week of January due to Christmas.)

The Bad:

I like the art overall, but there are panels here and there that sometimes just rub me the wrong way. I also thought Sarah's indoctrination really got accelerated a bit too quickly. I get they've been at it for a while, but first page is "I miss my mom" then all the sudden it's "I want to kill Calvin myself!" Probably best if the "miss my mom" thing wasn't there, and she was just full on Court of Owls ready to go from the start.

The Bottom Line:

While this story isn't going to be the finale of the book, it has that feel to it. With the way this issue progresses things, it feels as if the story will come to a natural conclusion next issue, rather than a "oh shit, we're cancelled, wrap everything up as quickly as you can!" vibe that many axed books in the New 52. Again, this book isn't cancelled (yet), but the you can tell that this chapter on Calvin is soon to close, and this issue should get fans of the character pretty excited for whatever happens in issue #14.


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