Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SPOILERS: Nightwing #25

The circus is in town, and Dick has the night off, so he's gone to see a movie, but hey, it's Zero Year, so the power goes off, and of course everyone freaks the hell out in a panic, and Dick ends up getting knocked out in the chaos.

A couple of hours before, Dick just finished up a show, where he upstaged his friends Raya and Raymond (wonder how that'll end up), so with them being a bit mad at him, they decide to ditch the movie plans, which leads Dick to go see the movie on his own, despite his father telling him not to.

Elsewhere in Gotham, oh look, it's Amygdala, and he's escaped the hospital he was in.

Dick wakes up in the movie theatre a few hours later, and finds some kids who were in there with them. Josh, CJ and Jana tell offer to help guide Dick through the back alleys of the city, avoiding the riots in the street. Some stuff is made about Josh's dad, who seems to be important for some reason, but nevertheless, back alleys! Nothing go wrong... That is, until Amygdala shows up in a rage, causing the kids to take shelter in a nearby building.

CJ ended up spraining his leg in the commotion, and Josh tells Dick and Jana to leave him, as he needs to get back to his father. Dick and Jana refuse, so Josh leaves, because he's a dick. Dick tries to rally CJ and Jana, by making some makeshift masks, saying they need to work like a team in the movie they were watching, so they try and sneak away from Amygdala together.

But you know... That doesn't work, and Amygdala soon finds them, causing them to run, and pass Josh, who doesn't know what's happening until it's too late. Dick goes back to help Josh, and distracts Amygdala, bringing him up to the rooftops, and using his acrobatics to swing across a large gap, while Amygdala falls to the ground.

Later, all the kids get back to the circus, where Dick's parents are glad to see him. Josh's father also shows up, and turns out it's Sal Maroni, who tell's C.C. Haly that he's in their debt. Stuff gets cleared up, Dick gets grounded, though his parents are thankful to have him home, and Dick eventually apologizes to Raymod and Raya, saying they should work as a team from now on.


The Good:

Fun issue, in line with a lot of the other stuff Kyle Higgins has done with Dick Grayson as a kid. There were two artists on the issue as well, Will Conrad and Cliff Richards. Richards is one of those guys who is a total team player when it comes to doing fill in, and his style alters from book to book depending on whose art he's paired up with. You could notice some differences here and there, but no where near as much as some other books DC tends to patch together at times. I did like the certain implication that C.C. Haly and Sal Maroni meeting was probably the beginning of the end, so to speak.

The Bad:

Same sort of issue I had with Batgirl this week, but to a lesser extent. There's not a whole lot that just screams "Dick Grayson," though a little more than Batgirl, still not a lot. Outside of the setting, it's just a bit plain, I'd say. I also thought Amygdala was just sort of there, and didn't provide much to the actual story.

The Bottom Line:

Like a lot of these Zero Year issues, this was a good issue, but there's nothing that particularly stands out about it. There's a bigger idea I could put into words about that, but here is not the place. Overall, if you really like Nightwing/Dick Grayson, sure, pick it up, you'll probably find some enjoyment, but if you weren't picking up the series before, don't feel like you need this issue to fill in any gaps with Zero Year.


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