Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SPOILERS: Green Arrow #25

While one billionaire playboy returns to Gotham, similarly, another returns to Seattle, but Oliver Queen is still playing dead when he secretly reveals himself to his old friend Emerson. The reunion is short lived as Oliver soon finds out that his mother, Moira, headed to Gotham to offer aid during Zero Year, and now will be stuck in the middle of the storm about to hit Gotham.

Moira Queen is at a shelter in the Narrows, with her security guard, John Diggle, suggesting now is the time to leave Gotham, an idea that Moira doesn't entertain. But the idea becomes a little bit more appetizing once the shelter is attacked by Killer Moth, who is after Moira and her money, thinking she'd be a pretty good person to ransom off.

On the outskirts of Gotham, Oliver manages to sneak in, still wanting to be unnoticed, and straps on his early Green Arrow gear, all while Diggle is trying to protect his mother from Killer Moth. Moth's weapons manage to push Diggle back with compressed air, allowing him to approach Moira, until an arrow goes through his hand. Green Arrow? HAH! No. BATMAN WITH A CROSSBOW, because why not?

Batman and Killer Moth start going at it, and soon Oliver shows up as Green Arrow too. The two have a nice back and forth, exchanging blows to Killer Moth. When all is said and done, Batman tries to escort Moira out of the chaos, but she declines, saying she's with the new vigilante. Batman basically goes "whatever" and takes Killer Moth away.

Oliver tries to hide his identity from his mother, but she's too smart, and recognizes her son, and while she's happy to see him, she knows he's different and asks what happened to him on the island.

Then there's a back up of Oliver coming to Diggle for help one month later, they become partners, then apparently Roy's introduction into the "team" is what eventually causes a rift between the two.


The Good: 

This was probably my favorite Zero year tie in of the week. Great mix of your general Zero Year aspects, blended well into the overall story that's already being told in the title. I mean, I've said it in my Stack Rundown posts every month, but Lemire and Sorrentino have been kicking so much ass on this book. The verbal jabs at each other while Batman and Green Arrow are beating up Killer Moth? Just perfect. Just the fact that they're doing macho alpha-male, "my chest is puffed up more than yours!" bickering, all while they're literally just beating the shit out of this poor sap, is really funny. Great example of how young both these heroes are.

The Bad: 

Same sort of issue with the back-up as I had with Action Comics, but not as much. Because this is already a story in progress, I didn't have much problem with the back-up not having anything to do with Zero Year, as I did Action sort of setting up something completely new.

The Bottom Line: 

As I said above, this was my favorite tie-in of the bunch this week. Great mix of Green Arrow and his own story, crossing into Gotham and Batman. Luckily, there was no predetermined time where Green Arrow and Batman first met, because their meeting under the circumstances of Zero Year was just perfect. Two rich boys, just starting to play vigilante, both beating their chest, all while rightfully beating the crap out of a reintroduced villain, who deserves to get the crap beaten out of them. Loved this issue, definitely a tie-in done right.


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  1. Killer Moth cracked me up. He has his heart set on making moths intimidating, poor guy. Heh.