Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SPOILERS: Damian - Son of Batman #2

Surprise! The Batman that died last issue was actually Dick Grayson, thus explaining Bruce Wayne's appearance in confronting his son, and boy is he not happy about Damian killing off criminals. The two begin to have it out, which ultimately ends up with Bruce getting a grappling hook to the gut, and Alfred breaking it up, telling Damian to get out.

Damian once again seeks guidance from the priest we saw in last issue, who some have suggested may be James Gordon, but nothing really has been presented clearly in that regard. The priest goes on to tell Damian that he will find forgiveness from others only if he finds forgiveness in his own heart, and that he could use it to become an even greater Batman.

Damian seems to take these words to heart, as once he gets a tip that someone resembling the Joker may have been spotted at Arkham, he decides to put on the Batsuit, and tells his father that he'll do him right, and make him proud once again.

In Arkham, the place is deserted, with no signs of the Joker, but Damian finds something else and leads him to another rogue... Pyg. As Damian speeds off, a great wail of laughter comes from the bowels of the facility.

Back in Wayne Manor, an odd, and pretty ugly nurse takes care of Bruce... something is probably up with her, but I guess we'll find that out later... But while all that is happening, Damian has tracked down Pyg, who has got all his Dollatrons with him. While Damian tries to fight them off, he gets overwhelm by numbers, and thrown out of a window of a skyscraper by said numbers.


The Good:

The art is still fantastic, that's for sure. I also enjoy seeing how Gotham has sort of changed in this reality.

The Bad:

I thought the first issue had a bad impression with the preview, but then got better... this took a step back. Some of the dialogue like Damian saying "kick yer butt" just feels off, and Damian's motivations seem to be wish-washy. "I don't want to be Batman... Okay I'm Batman" and he seemed all too ready to actually kill his father during the fight. "Hold still, you won't feel a thing" REALY?! We also don't really get a sense of what Pyg is doing.

The Bottom Line:

While the first issue salvaged quite a bit after a poor initial impression, this issue goes back to what I was originally expecting after reading that preview. It's just sort of all over the place, parts of the dialogue are truly bad and motivations aren't exactly clear. It would say it's a bad issue, but the inconsistency is worrisome. All that aside, from an artistic standpoint, the book remains a beauty, with Andy Kubert's art shinning along with Brad Anderson's colors, so at least there's that.


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  1. But wasn't the Batman that died all Bruce Wayne-y in his aggressive tone and condescending manner?