Wednesday, November 27, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #25

Clayface has escaped, and while Gordon is in Arkham, learning about how Clayface's biggest fan and only audience had recently died, the giant mud pile is telling Penguin he's done paying off his debt, and abducting a new audience of his own.

Playing up the audience angle, Bruce believes Clayface might have gone to a location connected to his past, and has his computer cross-reference any location that ever played one of his movies, or a casting agency Clayface may have been in. To search all these locations, Batman calls in some help, but not the usual since, well, I guess everyone is still post Death of the Family mad, so Black Canary and Condor (boooooo!) it is.

While Batman and some of the Birds of Prey are out looking for him, Clayface has all his new "fans" tied up and restrained, with IVs placed in their arms. What's going in the IVs? Well, turns out, six months ago, while Joker was in town, Clayface got a strain of Joker venom from him, that won't kill, but it'll produce laughs. So as Clayface starts his act, the crowd laughs and cheers, against their will.

It doesn't take long for Batman to eventually find Clayface, and the two fight, which ultimately ends up with Clayface falling into a big... vat of something, that's heated, which keeps him from holding a form. With that, Gordon and Arkham find a new way to contain Clayface, and that's over an open flame.


The Good:

The art has remained the high point of this arc, and I'm sad to see Alex Maleev leaving Gotham, but hey, at least we got some pretty issues to look at. As for the story, I liked it just fine, I like Clayface's emotional reaction to losing his biggest fan and seeking out new ones, I liked the Joker cameo, and all that. It wasn't anything mind blowing, but it was good.

The Bad:

Ultimately, the story as a whole doesn't amount to much. There are some good ideas in there, but like previous issues, it's just Clayface breaks out, Clayface gets beaten by Batman. The ending really peters out and doesn't leave a lasting impression.

Also, go away Condor, nobody likes you.

The Bottom Line:

This was a middle of the line ending to a middle of the line story. There's nothing all that bad about it, but there's also nothing that great going on either. If you like Clayface or you like Alex Maleev's art, then go right ahead, but ultimately this is a very come and go type of story.


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