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SPOILERS: Batman Beyond 2.0, Chapters #7 & 8

Note: a little late on this one, was on my PS4 for literally all day yesterday, sorry.

As the villains Rewire recruited wreak havoc on Gotham, Barbara continues to speak with Davis Dusk's therapist, who shows her a device his late father had commissioned, in hopes to use it as a last resort to contain Davis. Thinking they had made progress, the project was shelved, but Barbara orders it to be put into working condition. Soon after that, Dick calls Barbara and the two discuss Terry's unknown whereabouts.

Sometime later, Terry wakes up in the Batcave, his suit having automatically taken him back. No one is around, all that is there waiting for him is a repair suit and a single folder. Inside the folder, there's all sorts of information on the former mayor, and his son Davis, meaning Bruce had already figured everything out. Somewhat angry, Terry throws the folder on the ground, and flies off, while Bruce sits quietly in the manor.

As Terry is returning to Dick, Rewire is off somewhere else, upping his power wit a reactor, getting set to bring the city to his knees. When Terry does reach Dick, Terry is mad that Bruce had everything put together to the very last detail, meanwhile they had no idea where to start. Dick tries to tell Terry that he'll probably never be as good as Bruce, but that's a good thing. Being as good as Bruce would come with far too many personal sacrifices, and Dick doesn't want to see Terry turn into Bruce.

After the pep talk, Terry goes out to find Barbara, telling her a plan to shut down Rewire once and for all at the Arkham Institute. But, they're going to need to speed things up, as Rewire has made his appearance, and he's now basically a walking, talking, one-man lightning storm.

Terry immediately goes into another fight with Rewire, who is surprised he's still alive, but has no problem in attempting to kill him again. Terry can't do much to stop Rewire in his current state, even a ton of silicate can't contain him for long, but a flat out defeat isn't what Terry has set out to do.

As rough as it is, Terry's plan to get Rewire back to the Arkham Institute works, and it's there, where Rewire see's his father in front of him, trying to talk him down. Doesn't take long for the unstable Rewire to once again attack his father, who is actually Dick in disguise with one of Spellbinder's orbs. The distraction was enough though, and threw Rewire off his game, allowing Terry to shove him in the containment device, which expels all of Rewire's pent up energy, and leaves him in a suspended state.

The next day, Terry calls Dick to let him know he's decided to take a couple days off. Despite their plans to run repairs for the night, Dick is happy to hear of Terry's decision. Terry hangs up the phone and shows up to his little brother's birthday party, to his family's delight.

Elsewhere, Mrs. Dusk is reading to Davis at the Arkham Institute, who despite seemingly being in suspended animation, might not be entirely out of it. Cliffhanger!


The Good:

How many times can I say this emulates the show really well? Because, yeah, that. But aside from that, there was some good stuff that stepped over into some territory the show never could, because of the advancement of time. The situation things are in now, with Terry and Bruce being estranged, and Dick Grayson in the picture, lends itself to some good character opportunities to allow them to grow and progress. The scene in chapter #7 between Dick and Terry was the standout example of this, very well written, and felt part of what would have been a very natural progression of the show's continuity. 

The Bad:

I wish there was more to Rewire. There's just not a whole lot of "why" to him. There's a line in there about Bruce figuring out that Rewire hated his father for being obsessed with the city and power. I can see the political power to actual manifested power in Rewire's abilities as a symbolic tie, but "daddy didn't pay attention to me" seems a little weak in terms of motivation to reign hell down onto the city in the scale Rewire accomplished. 

The Bottom Line:

With these two chapters, the first arc of Batman Beyond 2.0 comes to a close, and as with the previous six chapters, these two were just as successful at maintaining that classic feel as well as a newfound interest in figuring out just what's going on in the Beyond Universe, one year later. The fact that I thought Rewire was a little thin in motivation was really the only place I thought things faltered a little bit, but besides that, I still enjoyed these chapters a whole lot. Lot's to like in this series, that's for sure.


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