Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman and Two-Face #25

Irish mob boss Erin McKillen has been taken into GCPD custody, but oddly enough, she wants to use her phone call to contact Bruce Wayne, and not her lawyer, but she may get another visitor sooner, as acid starts to drip through the ceiling, and the cops soon find half of the bat signal drenched in coercive acid.

Two-Face was trying to get Batman's attention, and he did. Bruce finds Harvey on a nearby roof, where he tells him that Erin has been caught and to believe in the values he once held as a DA. But this is Two-Face, and he doesn't believe in that sort of stuff anymore, so Bruce tires to take him in, but soon finds that Harvey has tied up a bunch of people with a bomb, which Bruce can't ignore. Once that situation is taken care of, of course, Harvey is nowhere to be found.

Flashback to years ago, Erin is being broken out after posing to be a dead body, but Batman gives chase, though is shaken off by a shotgun blast to the chest. Instead of leaving Gotham, Erin has one more stop to make, and that's to Harvey Dent's office, where he is with his wife. Apparently Erin's twin sister Shannon has died, and she believes Harvey is to blame. Claiming Harvey ripped her other half away from her, she feels it fitting to do the same to him, stabbing Gilda in the chest, and knocking Harvey out.

Back to the present, turns out Erin and Bruce were apparently friends when they were in school together as children. Erin tells Bruce that they both know the GCPD can't keep Two-Face away from her, and requests Batman's help, due to the Batman Inc. connections, a request that goes denied. When he leaves, Bruce asks Gordon what's next for Erin, and finds out she'll be held in Blackgate.

Things don't go well for Erin in Blackgate, as some men were hired/blackmailed to take care of her, prison style, and a big old fight breaks out. The fight comes to a momentary standstill when Matches Malone shows up, in defense of Erin. So, the mob turns on him, but since Batman is probably who put the thugs in Blackgate in the first place, They're no match for Matches either.

In the chaos, Matches manages to grab Erin, and escape the prisoners and guards, while using some C4 to blow a hole in the wall. But before the duo escapes completely, Matches injects Erin with a syringe to knock her out, and the next thing she knows, she's waking up in Wayne Manor, with Bruce standing over her.


The Good:

I just enjoy the overall direction of this story. It's a good mix of past and present, crime family stuff and crazy gotham villain stuff, all while plenty of twists here and there. Plus, you've got Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray illustrating Two Face, a character who they really excel at depicting, I might say. 

Then there's the issue of the retcon to Two-Face's origin. Last issue I asked if it was really necessary, and I still wonder that. But here some actual depth was added to it with symbolism. We find out Erin blames Harvey for the loss of her twin sister, or her other half. So that is why she kills Gilda, Harvey's other half... see where things are going? Half, as in there are two, as in Two-Face. This of course means the scarring of Harvey's face was more than just a random attack, but rather a very deliberate marking, with meaning behind it. While I don't think there was anything wrong with Harvey's origin before, the fact that some actual thought went into the change pleases me.

The Bad:

Harvey's meeting with Batman seemed pretty unnecessary. Why'd he want to get Batman's attention? If it was supposed to be a distraction while he goes after Erin, sure that works, but it wasn't. He shows up, talks to Batman, and tells him he's got some people tied up with a bomb, then leaves. 

The Bottom Line:

One of my main problems with the New 52 is the fact that perfectly good characters or stories will be changed just for the sake of change, with no noticeable reasoning or thought going into them. I was hesitant on changing Harvey's origin last issue, but the further context to the change provided by this issue makes this one of the rare occurrences that a New 52'd character clearly has some thought and reasoning put into what's different about them. Sure, you can not like for the fact it was changed in the first place, but you can't deny that Tomasi actually put some thought into the changes, and that, I can respect.


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  1. So no Carrie Kelley? I figured she'd be in here, 'cos the original solicits had her face on the coin on the cover. I wonder when we'll see her again.