Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SPOILERS: Action Comics #25

Let's all take a moment to welcome t-shirt and jeans Superman back to Action Comics. He's just as young and reckless as you remember, only this time, Zero Year is going down, and after seeing a report on the storm headed Gotham's way, Clark recklessly decides he's going to literally stop the storm.

While Clark hitches a ride to Gotham via hanging onto a military cargo plane, his old friend Lana is working as an electrician on board of a stalled freighter off the coast of Gotham, trying to get it up and running, as the coast guard is evacuating it. As the captain calls for her to take her chance and get off the ship, she brushes it off, completely dedicated to getting the ship back up and running.

Meanwhile, Clark enters the ocean and attempts to create a vortex so big that it will counter the storm's rotation and break its back in a way. While it seemingly starts to work, the forces of nature prove too much for a young Superman, as he gives up in frustration.

While not able to stop the storm, Clark soon sees an abandoned tanker headed straight towards the ship Lana is on (he doesn't know she's there), as does the crew on the stalled ship. While Clark heads into action, the pressure is put on Lana to get the ship up and running before any possible collision. The two feverishly work agains the clock, both with similar thoughts going through their heads, and ultimately, a collision is avoided once Clark breaks the ship, causing it to explode.

The explosion blasts Clark back to the beach, where he is met by some people who are weathering out the storm in a makeshift shelter. Clark tries to help them move a boat into their shelter, but he's so wiped, he can't even move it, which leads the others to help him, saying they'll do it together.


The Good: 

It's an issue of this series that I've enjoyed, which is more than I can say given the recent months had left me dropping the title, so that's good! I really love t-shirt Clark and how reckless he is, especially in that opening scene when he's just straight up laughing at the guy's he's beating up. So, given Pak's recent issues of Batman/Superman, it was fun to see t-shirt Clark in more of a normal setting. Then you've got Aaron Kuder's art, which I just love, and think fits really well for a character like Superman.

The Bad: 

I know Lana is going to be a big part of Pak's run, but I'm not sure that the Zero Year issue was the best time to introduce that idea. I understand what her place in this story was trying to accomplish, but I thought the split between her and Clark took away from the tie-in nature of the issue. I just wish we would have gotten more Clark in Zero Year, maybe a little bit in Gotham proper (avoiding Batman) or something. Nothing about this was bad by definition, but I just wasn't all that into it completely. I also thought the action got a little too chaotic to the point where it was hard to follow form panel to panel.

Then there was the back-up, this issue was going to be $3.99 anyways, but for whatever reason, they gave this one a separate story back-up (which DC have discontinued outside of this event) that really didn't have anything to do with Zero Year and was setting up the real story that's about to get told. If you're putting Zero Year on the cover, that's just what I want. And given that I would have liked to have seen more Clark in Zero year, maybe they should have just made the core story longer, like Batwing

The Bottom Line: 

I liked this issue, I like young reckless Superman and I like Aaron Kuder's art. For me though, I think the split between the Zero Year tie-in and where the real next story arc is going and setting up Lana as a major supporting character for that, was a little too much. I just didn't think the mix of those two elements worked in this context, it just wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Ultimately though, it was a good first issue to this new team's run, and I am looking forward to reading more.


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  1. I felt the story needed the human element that Lana provided. Also, as the case was with Green Arrow, I think the back-up focuses more on the storyline that the Zero Year tie-in sets up.