Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Harley Quinn #0 Preview

Harley Quinn #0 was originally supposed to come out today, then the powers to be decided it should be a third week book and pushed it back to the 20th. Now, digital releases have sometimes run into hiccups. I can remember issues of Swamp Thing and Green Lantern being released a few weeks earlier than their print counterparts, and I almost thought DC did it again with Harley Quinn, as they tweeted that you could buy the book on iBooks. Clearly someone handling their social media thought the book came out today (I even pointed it out on their blog and they deleted my comment, ha), and I was all too ready to take advantage of the mistake.

Turns out though, iBooks had the correct date set, and you can only pre-order the book on that platform. Boo! But some good came from it, as we got our first look at the finished pages from the issue, as well as an idea of the fourth wall breaking style of the #0 issue.

I love it.

This is fun. These pages have got me really excited for the book now, even more than I was originally. Great art, goofy situations, and Harley speaking directly with her writers and about her artists. That's fucking great. And on top of all that, Becky Cloonan is another confirmed artists on the issue.

Hit the jump for the other two pages, one from Stephane Roux, and the other, I'm not so sure on. Looks familiar, just can't place it.


  1. I think the third artist for that page might be Dwayrn Cooke. Looks like his style.

    1. Hmm, yeah, seems a tad bit different but I think you're right.

  2. That third preview draws one of my favorite Harleys to date. If it is indeed Cooke, props to the style tweak (I love his normal work just as much) But man, that page just pops, even amidst the hum-drum setting.

  3. Damn i want to know who won the contest... i participated, y'know...

  4. It's Dan Panosian. She names him right in the panel.

  5. Thought it would have been nice if they'd told those who didn't win the art contest who won, or at least a polite email saying something.