Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, From Batman: Eternal

Scott Snyder posted this Infinite Crisis style teaser for the upcoming Batman: Eternal, and there's plenty to speculate about. Don't worry, I'm sure Nightwing is just running late and totally not part of those bones at the bottom of the image.

Stick around, I'm going to be doing an annotated version of this.

(Source: Scott Snyder's Twitter)

Okay, here come the annotations of everything I could see in the image. You got the stuff like the bones at the bottom which is really hard to make sense of, and then there are the obvious ones, so don't be a typical internet asshole and say "Yeah we know who Batgirl is." Anything I mark with a question means I'm not entirely sure.

1. A mob boss, maybe a Falcone? Carmine Falcone, high res version made that clear.
2. Tiger Shark
3. Lucius Fox? Roadrunner, who like Tiger Shark, you'll remember from The Black Mirror.
4. Batwoman, check the high res image, glint of light on her ring finger.
5. Maggie Sawyer
7. James Gordon, who appears to be in handcuffs/chains.
8. Harvey Bullock
9. Iceberg Casino (owned by Penguin)
10. Alfred, in a straight jacket (H/T @TheUsef)
11. Batgirl, who is once again Batgirl, told you...
12. Red Hood
13. Luke Fox aka Batwing
14. Confirmed to be a new character (Source: James Tynion)
15. ??? Potentially Vicki Vale (H/T twibbler67)
16. Catwoman (I'll take Tim Seeley writing her in this title)
17. That sure is a lot of Ivy
18. Pyg
19. Penguin
20. Damian's cat Alfred... why would he be there?
21. Joker's Daughter, bleh.
22. Titus, another one of Damian's pets... what's he looking at? and why is there a robin on his back?
23. Batman... hmm, I don't know about that one?
24. Who the fuck knows? Honestly? I'm thinking it's Dick Grayson, who dyed his hair, after having his identity exposed. People have tweeted that it may be Calvin Rose, but he doesn't wear a domino mask, nor is he blonde, and would have no reason to dye his hair.
25. Tim Drake
26. Harper Row? The hair is a bit different though. But I see a purple streak in there. High res version once again gives more detail, definitely Harper.
27. Stephanie Brown.

UPDATE: You can see a really super high res version of the image here, with lots more added detail. 


  1. 24 as Dick Grayson makes perfect sense considering the mask. Well spotted.

  2. 14 Alysia Yeoh Batgirl's transgender roommate

    1. Disagree she looks a lot like how she was in Batgirl 19.

      I open to being wrong but that's my wager.

    2. I don't see the resemblance, and no offense to the character, I don't see her mattering much outside of Barbara's own book.


  3. 15 might be Vicky Vale, it's been said the Gotham Gazette will play a role in Eternal.

    1. Little more evidence for it being Vicki Vale: The high-res image shows she's wearing what appears to be a badge of sorts -- press pass?

  4. I was hearing 14 is tam fox...

    1. Yeah, I was thinking of putting "Maybe a relative of Luke?" then white guilt kicked in and I decided to avoid the possible "WHY?! Because she's black!?" comments, haha. Not making any assumptions!

  5. I think 1 may be Carmine Falcone. If you look close enough, you can see what look like the scratch scars Catwoman gave him before. Since we know little about the Gotham mob scene in the New 52 and that Year One and Long Halloween appear to be retconned now, it stands to reason he could be alive in the New 52.

    1. Yeah it is, just looked at a super high res version of it.

  6. Glad to see that Stephanie Brown is there. I guess Batman: Eternal will present her origin before she becomes Spoiler?
    I thought the girl next to her could be Cassandra Cain. Sigh,
    Harper could make a cool new Robyn.

  7. This gives me warm fuzzies to the WTFery that was the Battle For The Cowl teaser picture.

  8. Two things, a comment and a question: 1) Pyg and Penguin are playing with a toy train. 2) I hate the girl joker/joker daughter/whateverhernameis. But has she recently been in anything wearing Joker's face, or is that new to this image?

  9. are they going to bring damian back?

  10. Scanning through the high-res image there is a bowl of bandages next to Bruce... Hush reference?

  11. Just realized that Harper is sitting in a row with former Robins (if the blonde guy is a disguised Dick, and if we're counting Steph's time as Robin even though it's not New 52 canon anymore). I think the point I'm trying to make here is clear.