Friday, October 25, 2013

Van Sciver comes back to The Dark Knight

Ethan Van Sciver was the first artist to take over Batman: The Dark Knight following David Finch's departure, but during his arc, stuff happened, Szymon Kudranski drew a couple issues, then he drew the final, and Alex Maleev has been on the book since. Then we got Alberto Ponticelli on issue #27 (and I'm going to assume #26 too, because the two issues seem to be of the same story, and Maleev is drawing Empire of the Dead). But with all that in the past, Van Sciver announced via Twitter that he'll be back for issues #28 and #29, which would be February and March's.

Coincidentally, March is also when Forever Evil ends, and after that the whole DCU is supposed to jump forward to catch up with it. I don't know anything, but a smart bet would be on an All-New Marvel Now style event for the New(er) 52. New books, changes in creative teams, hell some books will probably cancelled too. I don't know, all speculation. But Van Sciver only doing two issues seems to indicate the book would be in for another change the month after Forever Evil, and that said, I wouldn't be surprised if this book ends with Batman: Eternal launching around the same time. There just may just be a limit on Batman.

(Source: Ethan Van Sciver's Twitter)

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