Friday, October 11, 2013

Stephanie Brown Eternal

Stephanie Brown will be featured in Batman: Eternal.



  1. Hey cool! (I liked her well enough, but dang some people were REALLY on her bandwagon. Glad to see everybody wins.)

  2. Until Dan DiDio decides to KILL her again! Bwahahaha!!!

  3. Holy shit, they fired Dan Didio?!

    I'm just kidding. Really exciting news! She would never fit into the new timeline anyway, so it's good they saved her up for something special.

  4. Is Dan Didio the one responsible for no Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Cain in the new 52?

    I noticed an article that said that Stephanie will be back to being the Spoiler. I'll take that lol but didn't she gain her dedicated fanbase during her run as Batgirl?
    Also, the questions asked at NYCC included both Stephanie and Cassandra. They didn't address what's happening with Cassandra. Lets see her back as Black Bat!
    I feel like the year before the new 52 started, the Batman family went through so much changes and now it's like DC is trying to regress back to the time before all of that.

    1. To my knowledge, there was some back and forth during Batman Inc Vol 1 that Batgirl Steph would be retcon'd as Spoiler, but it turned out to be a hassle and they left in BatSteph (her last appearance to my knowledge).