Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stack Rundown, 10/19/2013

It's midnight, I'm tired, and the beer/sake has worn off. I really just want to get this post set up and go to bed... excuse the lack of pre-jump content, or whatever this part is called.

Justice League of America #8

Time to start filling in the gaps of Forever Evil… maybe? As the first Justice League book post Trinity War, this issue gives us an answer as to what happened to the Justice Leagues, but leaves a lot of questions very open. Turns out, the Justice Leagues have been put into personal hells of prison cells, trapping them in some pretty shitty situations. Classic bad guy mistakes 101. Why didn't the Crime Syndicate just kill them in the first place? When the Justice Leagues eventually fight back, you think someone is going to be sitting there wondering "you know what would have stopped this from happening? Killing them." Good issue though, I was worried that it was going to be a bit out there, given some of Kindt's Martian Manhunter back ups, but it was relatively tame. Doug Mahnke's art was pretty good too, but I wish there weren't so many inkers on his work, as I've discussed before, some do him way more justice than others. Also, can we put to bed the Batman in Forever Evil talk now? Seriously. Batman is Batman, it's not Martian Manhunter and Stargirl in disguise, or Superman fucking dressing up like Batman, because the world needs Batman. IT'S BATMAN.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1

I thought this book started off a little better than Arkham War did. It didn't take as much time as Arkham War to sort of recap the premise and set up, so that was good, but like Arkham War, not a whole lot really happened outside of what we knew would have. Forever Evil #2 sort of set this up, with Deathstorm and Power Ring going to get the Rogues in line, as well as another issue which had those Firestorm villains square off agains them. But hey, maybe I just read too many comics? Got to figure all of these series will kick off next month when the setup is (hopefully) over. I found the art switch a little distracting, as Patrick Zircher to Scott Hepburn isn't the smoothest transition, but the coloring did wonders to keep it looking as consistent as possible. I guess Hepburn is taking over the title from here on out, which is fine, but sort of bummed Zircher isn't doing both this and Suicide Squad, as it seemed he implied would be the case when he first got the gig. Oh well, at least he's still on Suicide Squad. 

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4

This was another one of those books I was sort of indifferent on, but DC's plans worked, and Forever Evil is keeping me on board. Prior to this being a Trinity War tie in, it seemed as if the book was going to be more "let's get those seven deadly sins" which is pretty boring, because there's nothing particularly interesting about them as antagonists. BUT SCREW THAT! Forever Evil time! I thought this was actually a pretty good tie in, unlike how this title tied into Trinity War. It did just what a tie in needs to do, and that's supplement the overall story. We see Pandora briefly visit Earth 3, then come up with a plan, hang out/fight with Vandal Savage (who is insulted at the notion that there's any good in him) and then the real Forever Evil stuff starts. Ever wonder where The Outsider was when the Crime Syndicate was giving their speech? Well, he was getting a face full of gun barrel from Pandora. That's what I'm talking about with this supplementing the the overall story, you take the big event, and show it from a different angle. Pretty good issue, I'm happy to say.

Green Lantern New Guardians #24

Someone needs to tell Kyle Rayner that he is from 'murica, and around these parts, we use our limited resources as much as we god damn want, without caring about the consequences! It's the American way! Screw all this "Relic was right" nonsense! Fuck him, and fuck his "boohoo, once the energy is gone, the universe will die" crying. I say use the lantern rings all you want. Ass itches? Better come up with a complex construct of an ass scratching machine! That's American! …eeerrr, Ronald Reagan? But yeah… okay issue, sort of slow just to set up Kyle being BFFs with Relic, or something. Bring on the Red Lanterns! I am enjoying how this crossover is going week after week, they could have easily told this story in a monthly format, and taken so much time to do so. Speed is appreciated!

Animal Man #24

I'm really liking where this Brother Blood story is going. Short end of it is, one of the totems of the Red decided that his brethren and their choice in avatar are weak, so he and Brother Blood kill them all. Bad stuff follows. What I really enjoyed about this issue was one… the entire hollywood elite having a knife to their throat, sort of… but culturally sadistic pleasures aside, the fact that Cliff and Ellen sort of have a reconciliation in this issue. Don't tell DC thought, because we can't have any marriages in the New 52! Rafael Albqurque also took over on art, and while I don't expect him to last for past American Vampire coming back, the hell if I'm not going to enjoy it. He fits this book like a glove, and drew some absolutely beautiful pages for his first issue. If I was Jeff Lemire, the first thing I'd be doing is buying that page of Shepherd carrying Maxine, best page of the book, by far.

Wonder Woman #24

Who would have thought that Wonder Woman may not be completely on board with being the new god of war? Honestly, not a whole lot to comment on this issue, as it was mostly comprised of all the Olympians meeting together and talking about prophecies. Sure enough, Diana wants nothing to do with it, and Apollo is fine with that, because he be scheming. It is interesting to think that the prophecy this book has been hinging on could have been fulfilled by Diana killing War, but given how Apollo is a dick, I'm willing to bet something eventually bites him on the ass. I also though Hermes had a good point that Diana isn't willing to forgive him, yet she is roommates with Hera, who started this series trying to kill the baby. Dude's got a point!

Cable and X-Force #15

So I guess we're past the whole "Cable is having crazy dreams that are killing him" part of this book? That's cool, seems like Forge is getting the spotlight now, with this Adversary dude in his head. As usual, lots of good character moments through out the issue, and being that I'm now a total DomCol.. Colosino… or whatever shipper, the "gonna do to you a much less pleasant version of what he just did to me" line (when Domino was telling the bad guys Colossus was going to basically fuck them up… get it?) got a laugh out of me. And Boom Boom, she's always funny. This issue also saw Gerardo Sandoval take over on art, and even though I really liked what Salvador Larocca did on this title, I really like Sandoval too. He's got a very comic booky Humberto Ramos style to his work, which fits the fun action packed nature of this book. So, as always, this is one of the highlights of the week for me, really love every single page of this book.

Uncanny X-Men #13

Man, the future X-Men are dicks. I guess they're the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in their time, based on next week's Battle of the Atom preview? But seriously, straight up dicks. "Hey Magik, go kill yourself, you're going to do it anyways" jesus christ, Jean… you're a dick! So in the middle of the various fights in this books, people start talking about what has happened in the future, but naturally, they get punched in the face before they can actually say something meaningful. From what I get, Colossus goes to the moon, there's something with Stark tower, and Magik offs herself? Sure. Big revelation in this issue is that Marvel's time space continuum is SO fucked up, that the O5 can't go back. Wonder if these evil X-Men will also not be able to go back after they stay a little longer in present time. My big question though? Hey Colossus… what happened to Domino! That's all I care about! I bet she's being awesome in the future…

Hawkeye #13

How many months, weeks, days has it been since the last issue of Hawkeye?! I seem to remember them putting out the Pizza Dog issue, Francavilla's last and the Annual all out pretty close together, then nothing. It's like they blew their load way too early, but that's probably a joke better left to Sex Criminals (Totally could do an arc about what happens when Jon finishing up too early… you're welcome, Fraction). BUT HAWKEYE IS BACK! How's Clint doing? Oh yeah, his life is fucking depressing, just the way I like it. Seriously, Roy in Red Hood and the Outlaws, stop crying, look at Clint… he's a total mess. Girlfriend won't talk to him, Kate took his dog, beat to shit, murdered neighbors, did I mention his dog was taken? What a horrible existence he lives! But it's still portrayed so fucking well, you can't help but love this perpetual train wreck. Word is Marvel is sort of trying to tap the Hawkeye method for books like Black Widow, and they're welcome to try, because if it works, then great! That's awesome. But at the same time, Hawkeye is one of a kind, it'd be super hard to even come close to matching this book. It's also worth noting that Matt Fraction has had a couple of highly publicized tumblr posts about his experience with addiction, depression and suicide. They're good reads, and while no 1 to 1 comparison can be made, it puts some stuff featured in Hawkeye in perspective, and I respect him, and love this book more for it.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7

So yeah, I'm reading this now. Cross over coming with All-New X-Men early next year, and I've always looked at this book's art and been jealous that Bendis is keeping Pichelli over here, and since it was pretty early in the series' run, I just picked up the first handful of issues on ebay, read them tuesday, and jumped right on board here. So, Angela! …I don't really care, because I never read Spawn? It sure seems like they've been dealing with her for a while now, but only now she sort of, goes off on her own. Maybe it's because they announced her arrival so far in advanced before she actually arrived. Whatever, I like this book. It's fun, the cast is entertaining, and it's pretty accessible. I know the next few issues are going to be Infinity related, and since this book has been dealing with the thought "Man, Earth is problematic" since the start, I don't think I'll be all that lost. 

Zero #2

I've got the feeling this book is going to jump around quite a bit, and it might not really matter what order you read certain issues in. Why? Because this issue was originally solicited as issue #4, but due to the nature of this series that we've seen so far, it didn't matter because the issue was totally self contained. So you got Edward Zero, he's a crazy assassin, but how'd he get that way? Well, does this issue have answers for you! By crazy secret assassin training school where they dehumanize the fuck out of their students, turning them into killing machines. I'm going to say I liked this issue more than the first, because while we were dropped head first into the book's action last month, this issue gives quite a bit of character background which makes things a bit more understandable in a "why" and "how" sort of sense. Tradd Moore from the Luther Strode books also drew this issue, and it was probably the first thing I've read from him that wasn't super crazy on the exaggerated motion (which I love). It's not like his art was missing all those usual flares I've come to enjoy, someone got their brains blowed out after all, but it was interesting to see a more toned down issue from him. I'm really liking this series so far, and it's got quite the interesting premise as to how the story is told, so all is well for me.

Invincible #106

This book keeps coming up with these story threads that could go anywhere, and could end up being really cool. Battle Beast going after Thragg? That could be awesomely violent! Robot probably turning evil? Sure! He's been creeping lately. Random bad guy coming back to get his ass kicked? Not sure what's going on there. But when all is said and done, my favorite part about this issue was Mark and Eve's visit with his parents where Deb finds out Eve is pregnant. The page of her going from "Your pregnant!?" to "Why weren't you going to tell me?" to "Cecil knows!?" was hilarious. I also really liked the bit during the arm wrestling match where Mark noticed they were being watched and purposely lost to make it seem like his father was stronger. Something is probably going to come from that too! Just a fun book, that I still love month in and month out.

Letter 44 #1

Charles Soule, hey, I'll pretty much read whatever he rights nowadays. Just blew up, and for good reason. Dude has a full time job as a lawyer, a family and is in a band. Yet somehow he writes like six or seven books a month, I've lost count. Got to respect that, and if he's stretched that thin, and no one has anything bad to say about the dude or his work, you have to think it's probably good, and surprise surprise, Letter 44 is good too. Basic premise is Not-Obama takes over the US Presidency after Not-George Bush, who everyone hated. Turns out everyone hated Not-GB because he made unpopular decisions, but he made them to prepare the country for some fucking aliens who only a few people know are coming. So Not-Obama has to deal with that on his first day, while there are some astronauts in space, going to meet the aliens. Not enough? Well one of the astronauts is pregnant, and unless the art is portraying something that isn't there, one dude probably thinks it's his kid, yet it probably isn't. DRAMA! Great premise, and a great issue. Check it out. Only issue is that this series is probably $3.99 regularly. It was a dollar first issue, but I don't know if I can bring on another. I'll have to see… it is preeeeeetty good, though.


  1. While there was not a whole lot of plot development in Rogues Rebellion, I thought the character stuff was great.
    Also, I agree with you that I'm looking forward to Red Lanterns more than any of the other three titles, I thought Kyle siding with Relic could have more of an impact than even Oa's destruction.

  2. god, I love animal man, such a constantly great title...