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Stack Rundown, 10/05/2013

Shortish week for Stack Rundown. There were a couple of books that were scheduled to come out this week, but got pushed back for various reasons, but there was still some good stuff. Number of crossovers going on at both DC and Marvel right now. Forever Evil, Lights Out, Battle of the Atom... prepare to hear a lot about those three this month.

Forever Evil #2

I thought this issue was okay. If series had a sophomore slump, this would be it, as it definitely felt like one of those decompressed Geoff Johns issues. There's a lot of tip-toeing around elements surrounding the Crime Syndicate, like Owlman and Super Woman's baby, something being up with Power Ring's ring, so on. All of those things are cool, but not a whole lot of big shit happened in this issue. Teen Titans just sort of showed up, and were zapped away as quickly as they came, Lex woke up Bizzaro (I really like his new design and origin), and Batman is Batman. I think once everything really starts to pick up, once we get the tie-in series going and all that, then everything will be more exciting, but overall, I just found this particular issue to be a little bit of a let down following the first issue and the conclusion of Trinity War.

Green Arrow #24

If you are a viewer of Arrow, and came into this issue without knowing what happens at the end, I bet you thought that first page was SUPER Arrow-like, "My name is Oliver Queen…yadda yadda yadda…I was on an island and now I'm back as a vigilante," and all Then BAM! Diggle at the end. Unlike a few reactions I've seen on this topic, I'm totally cool with Diggle being integrated into the main universe, and he's the clear choice to do so of any new element introduced by the show, so I'm looking forward to it. The rest of the issue was Richard Dragon making some moves as Seattle's new crime boss, which… I still don't really know about that, then there was the Count Vertigo mop up… which was pretty much just that. I don't know what the point was of having Vertigo come all the way to Seattle just to get beat again, all within an issue. To tell you the truth, I don't get what his deal with Shado is anyways. I know Komodo dropped her off with him, but then...? Yeah, I'm not really sure. Regardless, good issue, still had great art from Andrea Sorrentino, so all is well.

Green Lantern #24

I'm actually pretty excited for this crossover, like Battle of the Atom, it's a weekly event, so it's really just one right after the other. This issue though, since it was the set up issue, and you generally knew things weren't going to go well for the GLC, I was just sort of indifferent towards it? Not bad, by any means, but I pretty much thought "Relic is going to show up, and some bad shit is going to happen" as to what would actually happen here. What interests me more is what's actually going to happen, what these Corps are going to do about it, and what'll happen when all is said and done. Shit like how the Red Lanterns get involved, that's what I'm looking forward to seeing this month. I guess the big twist this issue is that Oa is gonna die… but I mean, planets blowing up in the Green Lantern universe is pretty old news. John blew up a planet, he also blew up Mogo, and Sinestro's planet just went kaplow, so forgive me for not feeling sympathetic towards Oa.

Swamp Thing #24

Charles Soule continues his and Matt Kindt's slow take over of the comics industry with another strong issue of Swamp Thing. This was the big meeting between Alec and Seeder, who we find out is actually Jason Woodrue, trying to help the cause of the green, but not understanding how his powers negatively effect the balance. Woodrue was a surprise, I was expecting Seeder to be a new character the way Soule had spoke about him, so hooray for surprises? Sounds like the two are going to have a green-off to see who could be the better avatar, and I have to guess the other Swamp Things we're soon to see will be training Alec? Alec is Rocky, there, that's what they're doing, I think… and I'm okay with that. Also had a guest artist of Andrei Bressan, who turned in a much, much better issue than the couple of Batman Inc pages he did. All things considered, pretty good issue.

Earth 2 #16

Well, you can't say James Robinson went out with a whimper… pretty big twist. To give credit where credit's due, from the very beginning I saw people not buying that Superman from Earth 2 was dead… and well, they're right, and now he's completely indoctrinated by Darkseid. I guess you could have seen this coming after last month's Darkseid issue, but what confused me about that issue was I wasn't sure if Darkseid was just plucking Supermans from all sorts of different universes, or cloning him, like he tried to clone Batman in Final Crisis. It might not be OUR Earth 2 Superman, but regardless, pretty fucking crazy. It's unfortunate that Robinson didn't get to do what he intended with this series, and this final arc sort of showed signs of that, but I'm definitely going to miss him regardless. Didn't know what to expect from this title, but it really turned out to be one of DC's best.

Trillium #3

Things are getting a little crazy over in Jeff Lemire's little sci-fi world. The virus/plague thing is coming in the future, everyone thinks Nika is crazy, meanwhile Will's explorer buddy thinks he's crazy, and why wouldn't you think that? On both accounts, really. A bulk of this issue is actually a bit action heavy, with Nika trying to escape, and warn the aliens that the Earth Lab people are going to wreck their shit, essentially. Meanwhile, Will's buddy blows the door to the secret temple and the universes start to emerge and get super crazy. I thought this issue was a bit light on the story front, other than kicking off the crazy time/universe aspects, but as always, Lemire's art really keeps everything afloat. I wouldn't say I'm the biggest fan of Lemire's style, I definitely appreciate it for what it is, but at times it's not my cup of tea, but what really does shine are his designs and ability to just set a great atmosphere. This issue did the page flipping thing again, only this time it was spread through out the issue instead of half and half, so it was a little annoying with my iPad, but nothing the lock rotation couldn't fix. Definitely an interesting series, now that things have gone a bit nuts, I'm really looking forward to what happens next, though… I get the feeling that there is no happy ending to this story. Maybe a sad happy ending… but some stuff is going to go bad, I'd bet that.

All-New X-Men #17

Not to be out decompressed by Geoff Johns, Bendis got his shot with this latest chapter of Battle of the Atom! I like this story, I really do, but it does drag at certain points. I'll tell you one thing though, I'm so fucking sick of tired of all this "no, no, no, you can't know your future!" nonsense. Things are already fucked up enough as it is, just stop with the "WE CAN'T SAY ANYTHING" schtick, it's getting old, and saying "no, no, no" isn't really much of a tease. We do learn a bit about this future, like that Dazzler was elected president, then assassinated, which I guess finally made Beast crack and lose hope, so you can make some guesses as to what's going on, but NO, NO, NO! No one can know anything! Final note… the double page spreads really made this issue go by in a flash.

Lazarus #4

Turns out, you can't blow up a Lazarus, and if you do, they'll get pissed, heal up real quick and kill everybody. Who saw that coming, amirite? This book is SUPER soapy, and I kind of love it. People are back stabbing people left and right, secrets are being kept and revealed, and there's a dash of sexual tension just to spice things up a bit. Great series. The twist with Jonah and his twin sister was one of the more soapy elements, but I'm interested to see what the dynamic is going to be with Jonah on the run and Johanna playing innocent. Then the "you are not their daughter" thing was a bit expected, given it was teased a bit before, but we don't know who sent that to Forever, or if she'll believe it, but the seed of doubt is definitely placed. Now we wait two months or so for the next issue… whose cover features an extremely large head for whatever reason.

Invincible Universe #7

I wonder if Hester and Nauck read the Pizza Dog issue of Hawkeye and went "Ah, shit!" This was another dog issue, but instead of a normal pizza dog, we get a super powered french bulldog. The story is basically La Bruiser's day out, almost going all Lady and the Tramp, and breaking up a dog fighting ring. It's more a straight up comic featuring a dog, than a dog-comic like Hawkeye was with it's storytelling and color scheme. To compare the two is honestly kind of unfair, but I mean... it's kind of hard not to talk about another issue starring a dog? One of my favorite elements of this issue was the art, simply because it's all "aw, look at the puppy!" but then Bruiser straight up rips a dude's arm off in a full page slash of bloody violence. Take THAT, Pizza Dog! It's just sort of a grimly funny dichotomy. Cute dog, heroic gore, cute dog, heroic gore. Really fun issue.

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  1. What Forever Evil #2 lacked in action, it made up for in character moments. Also, I think the destruction of the home of the GLC rates higher than the death of a Green Lantern, or the destruction of Sinestro's home world