Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SPOILERS: Talon #12

Like most Talons, Felix Harmon was picked from Haly's circus, but unlike most Talons, he needed no indoctrination on the art of killing, he was already quite the psychopath. Jump to the present and Calvin is leading Batman into the Court of Owls' secret base under the library, but there's no one to be found, and all that's left if a message left in blood for Calvin, from his BFF Felix that simply says: "You're next."

The Court has once again gone into hiding, but they're none too pleased with the messy work they're getting from Felix, as the grandmaster Wycliffe decides to detonate the cryo-bombs they've planted in the giant Talon's head. Too bad Felix mutilated himself to remove them a few issues back, and the monster officially goes AWOL.

Elsewhere, Lucius Fox, an old friend of Casey Washington, has vouched to both Bruce Wayne and Batman for Casey, who he's taking care of in his labs. Turns out last issue Felix crushed the bones in one of Casey's arms, and there were no other options but to amputate... and she's missing an eye. All this doesn't matter to Casey, who wants one thing on Calvin's mind, and that's to get her daughter back, then deal with Felix Harmon.

Batman meets Calvin outside and lets him know that there's no trace of Bane or Santa Prisca, as for the Court, Batman offers up what info he has on them, on the condition that once Calvin finds them, he gets the call. After that, Batman makes sure to let Calvin know that however this goes for him, it's his last mission. Period.

Felix Harmon then returns to the old orphanage where his legend as the Gotham Butcher began. Inside, he finds Sebastian Clarke waiting for him, who manages to dissuade Harmon from killing him, and offers up a new plan, which is basically say "fuck it" and obliterate Gotham, the Court, Calvin, Casey, Batman, all of it. This sort of chaos being right up his alley, Harmon decides to go along with it.


The Good:

Batman and Calvin teaming up is something you knew was inevitable, and we finally get that this issue. As one would expect, Batman isn't all too welcoming to a "good" Talon in Gotham, but you've got to figure their interaction is not over and he may get reluctantly swayed. And while nothing too interesting (given we know the dude's general MO) I enjoyed the bits of Felix Harmon's origin. This was also Emanuel Simeoni's first issue of the series, and he'll be drawing the next two, at least. I wasn't a fan of all his portrayals, but in spots, he did pretty well, and definitely fits these characters.

The Bad:

As I said, Simeoni didn't completely sell me. I thought some of his stuff was a little stiff feeling, and sometimes the faces just look scrunched up together. Not bad, but I just wasn't a fan of a few panels here and there. There was also some structure issues, or seemingly so. The issue starts off with Batman and Calvin teamed up, working together, and with the preview I joked that there was probably a few pages omitted showing them meeting up again before going on the hunt. Well, nope. They just sort of go from the start. Then I thought perhaps that first scene took place later after Calvin meets Batman outside of Fox's lab, but thinking about it, that wouldn't make sense either. There just seems to be a few pages missing from this story. 

The Bottom Line:

Solid issue all around, despite some weird gaps one may perceive in the story. The big hook of this issue is the new artist, and I think he's fine. Like Red Hood, I think this is a book struggling to get it's footing back after the departure of the original artist, but Talon has done much better than Red Hood in that department, and I have the feeling people will probably generally like Simeoni's work. With James Tynion's time on the series coming to a conclusion, this issue definitely got me looking forward to his final two, despite not being as exciting as a few previous issues.



  1. Didn't Bane punch Sebastian Clark into mush in the last issue? How is he back?

    1. I thought that too, but James corrected me and said that it wasn't the end of Sebastion.