Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #24

The Untitled have gotten past December Graystone, but the human who was with them remains at the gate of the League's City, and it doesn't take long from Graystone to figure out who he is, then begins to give him a look inside the city at the battle.

The battle, well it's happening, Jason and the League are fending off the Untitled, yet there are a lot of them. Meanwhile, Roy is sitting in his sell, with Cheshire keeping watch. He starts crying again about how he just fucked everything up, and Cheshire feels bad for him, coming into his cell to do crazy evil sexy lady things... maybe.

Back to the battle, Jason goes one on one with the leader of the Untitled, who tries to look into Jason's mind to see what Ducra or the League had promised him, but when he tries to do so, whatever memory wipe Jason was given was more of a trap that did... something to Untitled guy? Maybe just kept him out, I don't know.

Hey look! Cheshire isn't doing sexy times things to Roy, as some may expect, given their now erased history, instead, she takes pity on him, and tells him to come with her. Elsewhere, Untitled bad guy falls into the OG lazarus pit, which does some stuff to him, seemingly strips his powers, etc. Still a lot of Untitled to fight, but Shiva comes in with a cavalierly of Man-Bat Ninjas. Meanwhile, Cheshire has taken Roy to where Kori is being kept in some weird dimensional prison, where he apologizes to her.

Jason and Bronze tiger manage to defeat Untitled bad guy #1 (mainly by Bronze Tiger snapping his neck) which leads to Shiva wanting to kill the rest of them. Jason tells them that they can't just go around killing people unless he says so, and it's at this point that the Untitled's benefactor, who told them where the All Caste was, who got them to kill Ducra, and set up all this at hand, comes out from the shadows, seemingly mocking Jason, asking if this is who Talia really picked to lead the League. He steps into the OG Lazarus pit, which Jason tries to get the Man-Bats to prevent, but Graystone shows up and advises against it.

GUESS WHAT! It's Ra's al Ghul, and now that the Lazarus pit has been "baptized" in a way, with the power of the Untitled, he's even stronger! Uh-oh!

Ducra and Saru watch on from the All-Caste, having expected this endgame. Ducra has confidence in Jason, knowing that he's done what needed to be done in his past before, and guess when that was? ZERO YEAR!


The Good:

I like how this issue sort of contextualized a lot of what has happened way earlier. The Untitled were introduced by Lobdell, but as I've noticed from reading a lot of his New 52 work, he sort of just introduces stuff whenever, and never really seems to have a full plan for it, with things often getting dropped. He had what, 18 issues? Never really gave The Untitled a reason to be there, other than them simply being. Putting Ra's al Ghul behind all this, despite that it wasn't exactly set up in any meaningful way previously, gives this whole story a sense of believability. Ra's has the foresight and influence to set this all up, I can totally buy into that.

The Bad:

Still don't like the art, at all. Wildly inconsistent, and just looks flat out bad in some pages. Not going to get any deeper into that, because I'd just be repeating myself at this point. Also, this just lacks the fun aspect that has been missing since Tynion took over, I hate to say. This arc just seems to be taking a real long time, and we've still got no memory Jason and crying Roy. I really hope this book lightens up soon.

The Bottom Line:

The introduction of Ra's into this book, which was expected if you read the solicits, really helps give the recent events something to sort of grasp on to. It's a nice hook, and could lead to some interesting dealings in future issues. Despite all that, the art and Roy crying (literally) and being a total downer all the time, does just that for the issue as a whole, and brings it down. For every enjoyable bit this issue presents, there's a scene or Roy feeling sorry for himself again, and a poorly drawn panel to compliment it. It's unfortunate, there's some good ideas here, but a lot of stuff just holding it down.


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  1. I actually had to reread the last issue just to see if that would help me find this one interesting... It didn't work