Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SPOILERS: Forever Evil - Arkham War #1

James Gordon and another cop are casually discussing how utterly fucked they are at the moment... I'm honestly surprised they're even out in the open, but anyways, Bane took over Blackgate Penitentiary, and there's nothing they can do about it.

Elsewhere, Professor Pyg is doing stuff like putting feet where hands go on an accomplished violinist, when Scarecrow comes to check in on him, which Pyg doesn't seem to like, thinking Scarecrow is after his turf, like many of Arkham inmates believed he would attempt to do. Scarecrow is just trying to get him on his side for the Bane war, and basically he's just doing what he was doing in his villains month issue.

Meanwhile, in Blackgate, Bane demonstrates his ruthlessness, and gets the interim warden to show him their "secrets." And Blackgate does have a few, mainly the multiple Talons they've got on ice after Night of the Owls.

Scarecrow continues his visits, and speaks with Penguin, and they talk... more talking. Meanwhile Bane "convinces" Pyg to work with him now.


The Good: 

Art is great, and I love the concept of this...

The Bad:

But man it was pretty boring. Just a continuation of what was set up in the Scarecrow and Bane issues last month, but apparently things weren't all the way set up. More talking from Scarecrow, and more Blackgate takeover from Bane. I get it.

Then there's the problem with the voices, I made mention of this in the Scarecrow review, and the preview post for this... there's really nothing to differentiate these character's voices. There's hardly any nuance to any of them to portray the unique personalities at hand. Pyg is the worst offender, he's just flat out written incorrectly. Hopefully this gets sorted out, but it seems like it could be an ongoing issue for this series as a whole.

The Bottom Line:

While the concept and art are high points, this was just sort of a disappointment. We already had two issues of set up for this, and this first issue just continues to set things up... I realize maybe not everyone read the Scarecrow and Bane issues last month, but what would have been the harm in really setting this one off with a bang? There's not much you need to know. Blackgate vs. Arkham, lets go. But no... it just takes it's time and ultimately was just sort of boring.


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