Friday, October 11, 2013

SPOILERS: Earth 2 Batman is... (WHOOPS)

I don't say it a lot, because there's no real point, but I think DC's use of social media sucks. Earlier in the week, they just posted the cover of Forever Evil #2 with the hashtag of #NYCC... Mmm'kay... what is that supposed to mean? What are you trying to accomplish? Yes, that is a cover of a comic that was released two weeks ago, and NYCC is this weekend, aannnnd? It just gives the impression that their twitter account is run by a robot who has no investment in its own content. Or at least a generic PR person who has no investment in comics.

To prove that point, you know how there's a whole mystery behind who the Batman on Earth 2 is, and how it'd be a big spoiler just to blurt it out before we even get there? Yeah, well, DC's twitter account don't give a fuck. Spoilers after the jump.


That's fucking astounding how clueless that is, the fact that it's the single parenthetical to make it clear. It's as if someone went out of their way to spoil that. I honestly find it hilarious.

Maybe it isn't? Maybe they just screwed up? ...yeah probably not. If totally true, my reaction is twofold: First, I doubt that's who James Robison planned it to be, I just have a feeling it got changed and is part of the reason why he left due to editorial issues. (Robinson confirmed that this was the plan, so more so just the following point.) Second, I think it's kind of lame and uninspired. We had this exact twist in Flashpoint, hell, with a very similar costume. I can see the "What's New in the New 52" post now "THOMAS WAYNE IS BATMAN, ARE YOU GUYS SHOCKED?!" No, because you did that in fucking 2011. 

But back to how clueless DC's use of social media is... perhaps no one will notice? 

Or they will, and they'll be mad.

And to further prove that DC's use of social media is pretty poor, you'd think someone would read these responses, and try to do some damage control (by clicking delete). 



  1. Maybe whoever's behind the toy line confused this Batman with Flashpoint Bat-Thomas and made a mistake? They do look incredibly similar.

  2. It's clear one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. And I thought having Geoff Johns heading up DCE was supposed to solve this issue? Dopes.

  3. This actually reminds me of several years ago during Battle For The Cowl post-R.I.P. (2009 I think) and they posted a design of the new Batman on the blog and it had the name Dick Grayson at the top of the sheet. Not that it was a huge surprise, but same sort of stupidity.

  4. James Robinson confirmed on twitter this was the original identity, so at least it wasn't an editorial change.

  5. OK. Are we talking here that this is Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father, or is this Thomas Wayne, the allegedly brother of Bruce? The father would be a stupid idea, he would have to be over 60 years old... so I guess its the just invented brother of Bruce... This is confusing. And a let down IMHO.