Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwoman #24

Gotham is in chaos, as the DEO's plan is going off a little too well, but many of Batman's allies have answered the call, but as evident to Batwoman, who is on look out, Batman himself has yet to show up.

At the GCPD, Maggie storms in to confront Chase about how crazy things have gotten, and how they weren't part of the plan. Chase demands to know how much Kate told her and arrests Maggie for threatening a federal officer.

With Bane getting out of hand, Batman eventually takes the bait, and deals with his old nemesis himself. After injecting Bane with a toxin that turns venom into a toxin body rejects, Batman goes hunting for the DEO.

While everything else is going down, Bette is doing her own thing, infiltrating the DEO's secret base outside of Gotham with ease.

Batman finds Mr. Bones waiting for him, far too eager to find out who is under the mask. Batman asks where Batwoman is, and on cue, she launches her attack... but as Batman points out, fails to realize his suit is insulated from tasers. Batman hits back, and hits back hard, telling Kate he warned her about the DEO, all while taking out Bones in the process.

While all this is happening, Bette is making her way through the facility and finally comes across Alice. Having tripped a silent alarm, Bette tells Alice they're going to have to run, which Alice is okay with, but asks if Bette can take off her cuffs, first.

Having not been knocked out by Batman, yet, Kate takes the advice of Bane and decides to cheat, and drops the floor out from underneath Batman, then attempting to disable the optics in his cowl. Batman seems to be barely phased at all, and asks Kate (by name) to stop, which she declines to.


The Good: 

I do enjoy me some Gotham gone wild action. Lots of villains and lots of craziness to see, all drawn beautifully by Trevor McCarthy. 

The Bad:

Lots of just basic continuity errors. This book has been the black sheep of the Bat family for sure, but with some of the stuff in here, you can start to understand why DC would want to reel it in more. You got Bane, which I've gone on about before, and his general being in Gotham, compared to his recent events explicitly stating what happened to him after his first New 52 appearance, then you got the old retired Batwing... who is in Gotham for some reason, and finally Nightwing is here too, and not in Chicago. If you didn't pay attention to all this stuff, I'm sure it wouldn't matter, but for me, there are just a number of things here that are wrong, and have no explanation.

Then, unfortunately, my long standing complaint with this series as a whole makes one last visit, and that's just the flat note, abrupt ending. "Kate... stop" *beat* "No." That may be a good way to end something that has movement to it like a TV episode, but here it is just static and awkward. Just a poor way to end an issue.

The Bottom Line:

Given the recent events surrounding this title, I almost feel bad for rating it, but it doesn't change the fact that I took issue with it. While the story and art are very enjoyable, there's just no getting by how disconnected this book feels, in all the wrong ways. It's one thing for a title to be on its own and do its own thing, but when it comes back to the family, and incorporates elements incorrectly, it's hard to ignore. Maybe I'm being to harsh, maybe you might say "well it could take place earlier" which maybe it could, but the title goes out of its way to pigeonhole itself by making direct reference to when it takes place (Bane mentioning Robin's death). I just think this is an unfortunate issue, it has it's moments and quality elements, but given its inconstancy, and given that we won't get the ending originally planned, like I said, it just feels unfortunate.



  1. Dude! You also missed the Birds of Prey error. Why was Katana and Starling still apart of the group?

    I enjoyed the issue, even despite the continuity errors, and I would have said it was a 4.5 out of 5 in my book. But considering this is the end for Williams run, this is really sad. I honestly would say it is a 3 out of 5 like you said. So disappointing.

    1. I noticed Katana, but it didn't even register, and I can't really even make it out of that's Starling or not... but yeah, yet another example.