Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwing #24

We rejoin Luke where he was left two months ago, falling off a building Lady Vic had kicked him from (it was a tall building), and as one would expect, Luke gets the suit to reboot at the last minute to give him enough power to avoid splattering all over the pavement below... Then of course he can't control his suit, and ends up in a ladies room, only to be kicked out the window again into a dumpster below. Vic reports back in with the man who hired her, who offers to pay for an extra week in order to take out Batwing, who he wants dead as much as Batman.

Luke gets out of the dumpster, and buys some clothes off a hobo, which allows him to return to his apartment with his suit in bags. When he gets there, he finds his girlfriend Zena waiting for him, after her father just died. Turns out she was lying about seeing someone else, blah blah, they make up and do... stuff, so to speak.

That evening, after Luke wakes up, he listens to messages from his mom inviting him to dinner, only for him to not have gotten that first one, which then lead to a second angry message. Deciding to deal with his family later, Luke calls Batman and tells him about Lady Vic (or Batman figures out who it is and tells Luke about her) and convinces him to get access to the R&D labs to upgrade his suit.

After suit upgrading is done, Luke shows up the next morning to his family's house, with his mom still pretty mad at him. But, Luke gets out of it by pulling a dirtbag move (which he's aware of) by using Zena's father's death as an excuse, saying he was with her all night, and promises to set up a dinner soon.

That night, Luke tracks Lady Vic down to a private hotel pool, but turns out she was expecting him, having allowed him to put a tracer on her, saving her the trouble of finding him. Knowing Vic is a better fighter than him, Luke plays this fight smart, and throws up all these tiny little bats which attach to Vic's skin, and being that she's in her bathing suit, there's a lot of it. The bats are coated in a mix of fear toxin and truth serum (whatever that's called, I forget) which allows Luke to get some info on whoever placed the hit on him. The police show up, and Luke makes his exit, contacting Batman about Charlie Caligula, who had his hands in the diamond mine early in this run, so that's reason enough to hire an assassin.

With all that information known now, Batman tells Luke that he wants him in Rome, where he'll meet a contact, and deal with all this Charlie Caligula stuff, but not before making it a point to show up to Zena's father's wake.


The Good:

With a two month gap between issues, and this definitely being a below the radar type of book, I wasn't sure how I was going to respond to this series again, but you know what? This is still a really fun book. It's a good mix of action and character development, with no real strings attached. It's just generally fun, and the art and colors continue to be really strong. As usual, this was a good mix between Batwing and Luke's personal life, while showing off his intelligence during a fight. You can't really ask for much more, to be honest.

The Bad:

There were a handful of little things that I felt sort of weird towards. I thought the whole thing with his girlfriend was pretty cliched. With how much the fact that Luke will constantly be upgrading his suit has been talked up in interviews and such, there seemed to be no visual difference after the fixin' up montage of sorts. Then when Luke was interrogating Lady Vic, who was in a bikini and sort of just tripping on fear toxin, he was recording it with a handheld camera, and that sort of felt a bit creepy...

The Bottom Line:

Was this a perfect issue? No, not really. There were a few things here and there that I wasn't really a fan of, but despite that, this book remains consistently enjoyable every month. This creative team has really made the best out of their situation and have delivered light hearted superhero fun, month in and month out, with a good amount of character development on the side, and this issue is no different, providing just that. 


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