Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman/Superman #4

So, Batman, Superman, Batman and Superman are all at this chaos crystal, trying to figure out what to do with it, when the army guy tells who I'm pretty sure is supposed to be Earth 2 Deathstroke, to fire at them. Yeah, that doesn't work out well for the army. Earth 2 Batman and Superman want to destroy the crystal, but our Earth Batman and Superman think they're crazy, having believed Trickster that they need it to stop Darkseid. This is followed by the first legitimate (albeit, reluctant) team up between our Batman and Superman, but given their inexperience, that doesn't go well either.

Outside the base, Selina and Lois are flying in, and see Wonder Woman fighting Trickster. Lois decides to shoot some missiles at Trickster, having not liked being possessed by her, and when Selina brings up that Wonder Woman is down there too, Lois says she'll be fine.

Turns out our Batman and Superman have some tricks up their sleeves, in planning and strength. Our Batman tells Superman to go after the shard, and when he touches it, some crazy shit starts to happen. The crystal begins to manipulate the universe in the way whoever touches it wants. We see the corpses of Martha and Jonathan Kent begin to resurrect, while our Batman's visual appearance begins to reflect the demon he wants Gotham's criminals to fear. Earth 2 Bats and Sup manage to get their counterparts away from the crystal, both realizing that what was going down wasn't exactly right... meanwhile, Earth 2 Slade takes the opportunity to use the weapon and blast Earth 2 Superman into space, while also damaging the plane Selina and Lois are in.

Time for both Supermen to live up to their namesakes, while Earth 2 Superman uses a Waynetech satellite to redirect the weapon's energy back to the crystal and destroy it, our Superman leaps to catch the falling plane, and flies for the very first time.

Back on the ground, Trickster has yielded to Wonder Woman, then claims this was a test to see which set of heroes were the best. Lois, not intending any disrespect towards the young Superman and Batman, clearly points out that Earth 2's heroes are better, but Trickster doesn't see it that way. Our Earth's Batman and Superman are more raw, and ruthless, which she believes will serve them well in Darkseid's attack, which will allow her to live on their earth away from him. Trickster then begins to wipe everyone's memories, and sends them back to their own time.

The issue ends where the arc began, Clark meeting Bruce once again in the park, where they watch the same kid get bullied, only this time, he fights back. Clark and Bruce are a little more friendly together this time (but don't remember their previous adventures), then go their separate ways, while Trickster gets used to life on this earth, having taken a liking to the bullied kid.

The Good:

This was really sort of a philosophical issue. The way Trickster describes our Earth's Batman and Superman, creates a pretty interesting comparison between the Earth 2 counter parts, which very closely resemble who Batman and Superman were before the New 52, supported by their relationships with characters like Lois, Selina and Diana. Whether or not you like the New 52's changes to these characters is besides the point, I just thought the way that Pak presented the two duos here was very interesting.  This of course is all supplemented by great art from Jae Lee and Ben Oliver, who drew the final four pages.

The Bad:

Still a little Hazy on the crystal and Trickster in general. That Justice League issue didn't really explain her all that well, and I thought we may have gotten some more of her hook here, but sadly that's a no. Not really a big deal that is worth getting hung up on, though.

The Bottom Line:

For all those who made things to be more complicated than they really are, rest assured, it will all make sense in the end, because hey! Mind wipe! Who didn't see that coming? But aside from putting that element of the story to rest, this issue wrapped the arc up nicely, making some interesting points, that may or may not be at least knocking on the fourth wall, commenting on The New 52 iterations of these characters. Or maybe that stuff went completely over your head, maybe it wasn't intended at all and I'm making shit up, regardless of those possibilities, this conclusion was plenty fun, and beautifully illustrated, no debating that.


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  1. I have thoroughly loved this series so far. This issue especially when Bruce sees himself as a monster. Perfect.