Saturday, October 19, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman Beyond 2.0, Chapters #5 & 6

So, where were we? Oh yeah, Terry is getting his ass kicked by Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin... except not really, because Terry notices an orb, and once he breaks it, the illusion disappears and he sees himself against his real enemies, Spellbinder, Shriek, Inque and the newcomer, Rewire.

While Terry is dealing with the four foes, Dick Grayson speeds towards the rig for support while Barbara and one of her detectives investigate the therapist's office that the now deceased mayor was secretly paying, and sure enough, they find Dr. Bennett hiding in a secret room.

Inside the rig, Terry is doing the whole "Batman stalking prey" thing, picking off enemies one by one, but once the first three are taken care of, Rewire catches him in a blast of electricity, and then does it a few more times for good measure. Rewire drags Terry out onto the roof with the cops watching, proclaiming he has killed Batman.

Feeling proud of himself, Rewire is gloating to the police while he holds Terry off a ledge, but Dick manages to throw a few of his projectiles, causing Rewire to drop Terry into the water below, where Dick recovers him.

Rewire has lost a bit of his charge and retreats into the rig, where Ghoul is waiting to help him. Help comes in the form of a rocket that he fires at the police airships, which gives him enough time to drag Rewire to safety.

Still having a heroic side, Dick leaves Terry in the boat so he can help the police who just crash landed to safety, but in the chaos, Terry's body falls from the boat, and is no where to be found.

Back in Dr. Bennett's office, he hesitantly talks to Barbara about the recent events, while Terry's suit takes control, and finds it's way back to the batcave and Bruce's feet, all while Ghoul helps Rewire "recharge." Through the discussion Bennett has with Barbara, it is revealed that the therapy the Mayor was paying for wasn't for him, it was for his son... and guess who Rewire is?


The Good:

I'm a broken record at this point, but this book emulates the tone and feel of the old show so perfectly. Reading this book on a Saturday feels just like watching a new episode, or at least part given how it's broken up. You got a lot of action, mixed with some secrets and mysteries, complimented by really fitting art and colors, all the parts needed for a good Batman Beyond story.

The Bad:

Final reveal was a little flat. That's sort of a hard thing to do, you can't just throw a recognizable character in there with no reason, but when it is a brand new character, the dramatic reveal isn't that hard hitting since no one knows who that is. Could just be me, though.

The Bottom Line:

While the reveal isn't a big game changing shocker, Rewire did do a number on Terry, which should at least give the new guy a pretty big platform to stand on in the Beyond rogues gallery. This issue also did a good job of leaving things in a place for the next issue to perhaps give a few answers as to what's going on in the big picture, or at least teas things (I'm talking about Terry and Bruce going face to face).  So, overall, just another really strong issue of a series that has been nothing but enjoyable.


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