Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman and Two-Face #24

As one may expect, Two-Face isn't that happy of a person. He wakes up in his shoddy apartment, flips his coin, grabs a revolver and a single bullet, and plays a game of russian roulette, staring at a picture of his wife, Gilda. Harvey pulls the trigger, and nothing happens. He then gets dressed, and says to himself, "Better luck next time."

Batman is on the prowl. Something is going down with Gotham's crime families, and he intends to find out what. During the day, Alfred tends to Damian and Talia's desecrated graves, thinking it may be appropriate to fill them in. Bruce has a different idea, he wants them to remain open, as a reminder, because after he deals with Gotham's crime families, he's going after Ra's.

Elsewhere, Gordon gets a call, it's Bullock, and he's got info on a long sought after crime boss resurfacing in Gotham, Erin McKillen. Erin is an irish crime boss, who is in Gotham for a meeting, and wants to be gone as soon as it's over. In said meeting, many of the Gotham crime families discuss how they plan to take Gotham back from the "freaks." While Erin wants to straight up wipe them all out, quick and dirty, it's decided that they must be dealt with delicately, almost as if surgically removing a tumor. It's also decided that Erin has done enough hiding, and should have some "skin in the game," by dealing with the freak she created, Two-Face.

That night, Erin is working out, talking with her cousin, trying to come up with a plan when the police raid her safehouse. She tries to make an escape, which goes off well to start, but is also reported on the news, which Harvey and Bruce both see.


Turns out, back in his days as a DA, Harvey did some serious meddling in Erin's life, which lead to him waking up, tied up in his office, and a knife in his wife's chest. Cue Erin pouring acid on Harvey's face to show Gotham how two-faced he really is, and Harvey Dent dies, followed by the birth of Two-Face.

Bruce enters the chase for Erin, snatching her off a jet ski. Erin has some fighting skills, and does her best to go up against Batman, but Bruce eventually gets her tied up, and properly welcomes her back to Gotham... while she spits in his face.


The Good:

We haven't gotten a lot of crime family stuff in Gotham since the New 52, and it was always a separate element of Gotham, away from the "freaks" that I enjoyed. Crime families created a sense of diversity in Batman stories, so safe to say I took to this arc's first issue pretty well. It seems like we're going to get a nice blend of crime family stuff, mixed with the freak stuff given Two-Face's involvement, but he's one of the villains who can easily bridge that gap, given his past. Would I have liked this more if it was the Falcones? Probably, but McKillen seems fine so far.

The Bad:

I don't know how necessary it was to retcon Harvey's Two-Face origin. Yeah it's different, but it's not that different, so what's the point? I feel like you could have made this a bit more clever, weaving it into the face full of acid at a trial, instead of just completely wiping that out.

The Bottom Line:

I thought this was a pretty good start to an arc. Yeah, sure, the "new for the sake of being new" retcon being sort of pointless was... well, pointless, but it isn't as if it completely changed Two-Face and who he fundamentally is, unlike some New 52 retcons. It seems like we're going to get a good mash up of the two different elements of crime in Gotham, you got your classic mobsters, then you got your crazies, and hey, there's still Batman. So far, so good for "The Big Burn" arc, wasn't sure what to expect going in, but I'm liking where it seems to be going.



  1. I really liked that bit on Talia and Damian's graves. Would love to see where it goes, if it goes anywhere.

    1. Smart money is on the next title for this book being Batman and Ra's al Ghul

  2. Is Carrie Kelley still in the series? 'Cause I remember her being on the cover of this issue, but was replace with Bullock. I remember issue #24 was going to be called Batman and Two-Face, yet I also remember them planning to rename it Batman and Carrie Kelley after this issue. Though I could be remember that wrong.