Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SPOILERS: Batgirl #24

So turns out Ricky isn't quite dead, but still shot pretty bad, and the police have the scene surrounded, so Barbara has no other option than to fight her way out. Hell, she almost punches her dad in the face.
Babs slashes the police's tires, and makes a get away to a nearby rail yard, where Detective McKenna tells her to freeze. Eventually, McKenna figures it out who she is (Batgirl) and they start talking about Knightfall supplying these gangs with high tech weaponry, and apparently its some plan to build up a gang, have them take out all the other gangs, thens top supplying that gang, and have another gang kill them... in what seems to be a endless cycle.

Babs makes it back to her apartment later, where her roommate tells her that her father's called a bunch of times, but she doesn't want to speak with him. The next day, she goes to see Ricky in the hospital, but finds out that no one is allowed to see him, when she meets his mother outside. The two talk, and Babs still screens her father's calls.

Later that night, Gordon tries to call Babs again, and of course, nothing, but turns out, The Disgraced have infiltrated his house, and he's attacked by pretty much every villain that has been in the book before. Elsewhere, Knightfall is on the phone with Bleak Michael, telling him that the kill needs to look messy, like a gang did it. 

Babs decides to visit her father and explain some stuff, but starts noticing things are weird when she drives into the neighborhood and all the power is out. She then notices Bleak Michael outside her father's house, and panics for a bit. But hey, she's got her Batgirl gear. So she decides to suit up for the "last time" and save her father.


The Good:

To be honest, I don't have anything particular to note for this section. Not that I thought the issue was terrible, just nothing stood out.

The Bad:

Just all these little things. Gordon knows Babs and Ricky are a couple, and there's a red haired girl trying to save him, who also speaks, and he gets a good look at her eyes... C'mon now. Knightfall's plan doesn't make any sense, it's an endless build a gang up, tear them down cycle with no real outcome. Then Babs sorta panicking about how she doesn't have her "new gear" while she's in her rolling Batgirl fortress... her new gear looks to be a sweatshirt and some gloves. Then finally the whole "one last time as Batgirl" just give me a break, it's insulting my intelligence at this point, because unless DC plans on bringing back Steph or Cass (HA!) I'm pretty sure she'll be Batgirl again.

The Bottom Line:

I don't think this is straight up bad, the issue is well structured, has consistent art, and so on... I just can't buy into it. There are just all these little things that pile up and I just think are dumb. Combine that with the melodrama I don't think this story has earned, I'm just left indifferent. Perhaps I'm too cynical, but like I said, I just can't buy into what this issue is selling.



  1. I haven't been reading Batgirl since after reading the first six issues, not because I didn't like it, but for money reasons. Every time I read your reviews, even though they have been mostly indifferent and somewhat negative, I could tell that I, personally, would love this story. Though I'm to far behind to pick up this current arc, I will probably trade-wait-it and probably get the Zero Year tie-in (just for the sweet cover though).

    1. And that's fine. Not trying to take anything away from anyone, this just doesn't do much for me.

  2. But GEESUZ that cover is beautiful, some brilliant covers for Batgirl lately.