Thursday, October 3, 2013

Snyder, Murphy, and Batman in SPACE?!

I don't know what this is, or when this will happen, maybe it'll be a NYCC announcement, who knows... but all I know is that I want this.

What am I talking about? Well, this tweet should explain that quite clearly.


Maybe this is something like Legends of the Dark Knight? But you'd think it'd be a bigger venue given the creators attached... Perhaps one of those weekly, rotating creator books Bleeding Cool has mentioned a couple of times? Or something completely crazy and different.

UPDATE (10/10): Turns out it's part of Detective Comics #27


  1. Scott Snyder when hyping his projects always almost seems to give away plot elements or dialogue, yes, i am referencing to Death of the Family interviews, anyhow my point is, he did talk about how he views his "dark knight returns last boss fight" would be a Batman vs. Nightwing where it's Nightwing who is the last person who can stop Batman.

    I always felt there was an actual comic book story out there, and Snyder did introduce the Beyond costume, so maybe the're all connected to some dystopian Batman tale? Would had assumed Capullo would pencil it tho.

    1. It's a short story, sounds like it's something completely different than the regular Batman book.

  2. This could be very, very interesting... Batman/Green Lantern crossover? Nah... I mean it would make a lot of money for DC but it wouldn't mark sense for this story...