Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rumor: Creative Change for Detective Comics?

I need to shut my damn mouth, apparently.
"Just realized Layman and Fabok have been on Detective for a year now. Definitely one of the better creative moves DC made this past year."
-Me, circa one fucking hour ago.

God damn it, god fucking damn it.

Bleeding Cool is now reporting a rumor that Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellatto's next project will be Detective Comics. File this one under "I hope it's not true." Don't get me wrong, I like both these guys, and I liked their run on The Flash, but I just don't think this is a great fit, even from an art perspective. Sure, seeing Manapul do a Batman commission here and there is pretty cool, but he doesn't strike me as a Batman artist, far from it, actually. The Flash's art worked so well because it fast, bight, high energy, and Manapul used the layouts to convey that sort of stuff, but Batman is anything but that. I'd be willing to be proven wrong, but I'd rather not have to be.

But moving on, here's the bigger question? ...WHY?! John Layman and Jason Fabok have been kicking absolute ass on this book. The first year of the title, let's be honest, was pretty shitty, and from #13 on, it's back to kicking ass. Layman has said repeatedly that he's had a great time writing Batman, and you want to talk about an artist suited to draw Batman? Look no further than Jason Fabok. Of all the books that need a creative change or a different direction, Detective Comics should have been on the very bottom of that list.

This just strikes me as unnecessary. I know there's the rumors of Layman having a new DC project being announced next week, but unless it's some crazy new title, he can't really go any higher than Detective Comics.

(Source: Bleeding Cool)



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