Thursday, October 10, 2013

Panels of the Week(s), 10/10/2013

Both this week's panels, and last week's. Though I will say I didn't find anything that particularly struck me in Nightwing... but I doubled up on Batman, and there's some Batman Beyond 2.0 in there, too.

Batman #24: What may be the very first time someone said "it's the Bat!" the first time of many.

Batman #24: The smile is what does it.

Forever Evil - Arkham War #1: I thought Pyg's dialogue sucked, but at least he's still doing crazy things.

Batgirl #24: I'm a fan of Blond's colors, I've said it before. Love how bright and vivid everything is, especially the light and reflection in this panel. That, and I've always through Mirror had a generally cool design.

Batman Beyond 2.0 #5: This scene in general just reminds me of that scene in Return of the Joker where Terry is hiding from Joker, laughing at him. Favorite of mine, and anything that reminds me of it is good in my book.

Detective Comics #24: This is why I love this run on Tec, the crazy shit that goes on. Remember those action figures around the time of the Animated Series, where it'd just be Batman in this crazy suit you'd never see, like "Snow Ranger Batman" or "Toxic Waste Cleanup Batman" shit like that... That's what this is! And it's great!

Batwing #24: I like me a good burst through the window panel, and I like me the ladies. Mix the two? And you get something that I really appreciate for being super over the top and kind of goofy.

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  1. No panels from Nightwing? But those Batman panels are really good, and I love the one from Tec! But the Batwing one reminds me of the fact that Nightwing will probably not return to "his former glory" as so many people say these days... But I'm okay with just having really good arcs like the one in Chicago.