Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chris Burnham's Detective Comics #27 Cover

We got a glimpse of it in the USA Today article, but it was super tiny, and you could barely see anything. But ol' Uncle FHIZ has got you all covered with a higher resolution look at the cover. Looky there, Batwing being relevant, Batwoman not being the black sheep, and the return of Lincoln March.

No Nightwing though...


  1. Who or what is that above Lincoln's arm?

  2. I assume Batwoman's just there because she needs to be "integrated" more closely with the Bat-family. Batwing and Talon are there to remind people that these characters exist, since they're both new. And I guess "Owlman" is going to be the villain of one part of the issue?

  3. Agree with @Nightwingfan
    Being the Black Sheep is what Batwoman does best, but I guess nobody wants to occupy that role forever...
    People made a big deal about integrating Batwoman more into the bat-family but looking at this picture, Batwing and Talon have also been on the out skirts too.

  4. I'm glad that TALON took it's time for about a year to (mostly) avoid BATMAN... Just wish Tynion would continue writing it.