Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stack Rundown, 09/28/2013

It was one of those weeks where I had a shit ton to read, mostly because every now and then, Image likes to put out a good chunk of the books I'm reading from them on one day. This was of course also supplemented by the fact two new series launched this week, one of which being Sex Criminals, which feels like I've been waiting for it forever, but it came out, and it felt good... mmhmm.

Hey man, I could have made a way more uncomfortable remark right there, so deal with it.

Justice League #23.4

I want an Earth 3 book after this issue, like really badly. I guess it might be hard because it's heavily implied Darkseid pretty much destroyed it. Maybe do it first arc of Justice League style, and set it in the past? I don't know, all I do know is an Earth 3 book would probably be pretty cool. This focused mostly around The Outsider and Owlman, and their Gotham, and their Joker. Where old Earth 3 Joker used to be Jokester and more heroic, this guy seems to be one the side of right, but with a more traditional sense… aka he killed Talon (Earth 3 Dick Grayson) and wrapped him up in separate presents to resemble a body. Pretty messed up, but so was the way Joker went out, thanks to some helicopter blades. This issue just did a pretty good job at letting us know who these Earth 3 guys are this time, along with reestablishing a few things like Owlman and Superwoman having an affair. So yeah, like Earth 2, this Earth is just different enough from the main Earth to be really compelling… thus, deserve a book, MAKE IT SO, DC!

Aquaman #23.2

Ocean Master… more like Total Dick Master… oh wait, no… that came out wrong. But for real though, Orm is a total dick, and this issue serves to establish his character, into just that… a dick. It was another one of those Villains Month issues where not a lot actually progresses or happens, just Orm getting free, and being a dick to people on his way back to the ocean. It does seem though that he has a TINY bit of a heart though with the ending, but prior to that last page, man that scene made me feel a bit uncomfortable. The art was better than I expected. I wasn't really a fan of the faces Borges did in the Nightwing issues he drew, but this looked a lot better.

Wonder Woman #23.2

Where last week's issue didn't really have anything to do with Wonder Woman proper, this most certainly did… maybe it's because Brian Azzarello wrote it, I can't be sure! We get The First Born's origin story this time around, and it's quite the naked dude party, with a tad bit of beastiality stirred in. It's for the kids! But what would a story about the Greek Gods be with out some fucked up shit? Sesame Street, that's what! Azzarello lays down some prophecy to set the stage for future events with all the olympian gods, and might have set up the end of his story too. Can't be entirely certain, but the thing with Apollo, standing next to his brother and sister (who will be naked! because screw clothing!) seemed to be final confrontationy. It's hard to think what this book will be if and when Azzarello and Chiang's run comes to an end. It's not really a super hero book in a traditional sense, which is really why I'm drawn to, and to return to that sort of book I think would be sort of a let down. Eh, no point in thinking like that now. This book is still kicking all sorts of ass.

Green Lantern #23.4

I wasn't expecting much out of this issue, as I knew it wasn't going to be anything set in the present, given where Sinestro was left off, and I wasn't all that excited about reading history I already knew. All that being said, I actually enjoyed this issue a lot more than I thought I would have. The way it was narrated by Lyssa Drak, and her perspective definitely helped keep it a bit fresh, and not just a simple retelling of an old story. Even not a lot really came from the issue, it did fill in some gaps here and there for me, so it did flesh out a few things for me. Also, random note, I always assumed Abin Sur and Sinestro were both of the same race… Yeah, all magenta people look alike apparently. I also really like how artist Dale Eaglesham approached the pages featuring Sinestro, the ornate golden frame that surrounded his panels was a pretty cool touch. Overall, I thought this was a pleasant surprise. I wonder if Matt Kindt will actually be writing a Sinestro Corps book, or if this issue caused confusion in the rumor mill. I don't know if I'd buy it, but I'd be interested at least.

Justice League of America #7.4

Man, this issue was pretty great. The one thing I was hoping to get from this issue was a "how the hell does Black Adam come back" answer, and it did just that… Which makes you think, shouldn't it be harder to bring him back? He was imprisoned for how long, and it took Shazam and his buddies to put him back in the grave… then some dude (actually, Osiris) says some words and he's back? Kinda easy to bring back an amoral magic man. I also kind of found it funny how prior to this issue DC had a post about how it was the New 52 introduction for Osiris and his sister… then Osiris gets shot, and is probably dead (for now, I don't know, someone can probably say alakazam and bring him back). But his sister is left in an interesting spot, and it's getting to the point where you've got to ask "DC, what the fuck are you doing, why haven't you launched a book of this yet?" If there isn't a Shazam book in April, or whenever new books after Forever Evil hit, I'll be SHOCKED, because, what the fuck?! Why not?! Actually, I'd bet if it's not Geoff Johns, that'd be Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul's next book, that just seems like a good creative team for it.

Batman/Superman #3.1

Pretty light on the Batman, to be honest. But, I say that in jest, because with a story about Doomsday, like hell would Batman have any place in this. Despite the lack of Batman, this was our first sort of taste of Brett Booth on the book, and let me tell you, he draws a pretty fierce Doomsday. That first splash page where you actually see Doomsday is nothing short of fantastic. Doomsday is what you expect, but the way the story is told through flashback and fairytales, was pretty interesting. They take a sort of different spin on Doomsday and Superman, which, I'm not sure if they're getting at it eventually happening or that's what went down, I don't know, that part was a bit weird since it was told in that fairytale style, and just sort of retconning a few things here and there. Not sure where this will be followed up on. I know Superman/Wonder Woman had Doomsday's first on the cover or something, but I read Zod would be the main bad guy of that book, so who knows. Good issue though. 

The Wake #4

Hell, I almost forgot about this book for a moment, had to set a reminder on Friday to read it. Even though there was only a month gap between issues, it definitely felt like longer… maybe it's because I know the gaps won't stop. No issue next month, and no issue in December either. Very unfortunate, because my memory starts to slip, given how much other crap I read. A character dies this issue, and I've yet to go back and remind myself who he is… so I'm just sort of "Eh?" about the whole situation. According to Murphy on Twitter, DC solicited the book too early, so I don't know, hopefully the second half is a bit more consistent in terms of release? Regardless, still a great book, with a "haha, you're fucked" sort of ending. I'm wondering how this is going to go in the second half, because it started off with that sequence set 200 or so years in the future, and hasn't really touched upon that, meanwhile there's been bits of pieces of all these weird time displaced situations through out history, which I don't know what the fuck is going on there. Those weird time anomalies are what's really interesting to me, and I hope the second half of this book focuses on them, somehow.

Wolverine and the X-Men #36

Hey look, a book I haven't talked about here before! A true to form crossover will do that, I guess. I don't know why I never really read this book. Probably because it was so far along by the time I actually started picking up X-Men book monthlies. Oh well, maybe I'll stick around afterwards. Anyways, Battle of the Atom! So this would be the half way point of the story, and we're starting to get the sense that the X-Men from the future may be a little dishonest, given that Magik, Beast and Iceman all see that the future they came from, well, it ain't all that bad… then of course when Deadpool says to himself that everything in his speech was a lie, but hey, who the fuck listens to Deadpool anyways? But that begs the question, Young Jean saw the future in Old Young Jean's mind, and seemed pretty convinced that they need to leave the present. So does that mean Old Young Jean sort of manipulated her memories, or is there still something bad in this future? This has been all sorts of crazy, and the story as a whole is leaving me constantly curious to find out what happens next. So far, Battle of the Atom has been a pretty damn good read.

Uncanny Avengers #12

Which horrible future is this book trying to avoid? Because Battle of the Atom books are avoiding one pretty bad one (supposedly), Thor has got some bad future stuff, and Cable and X-Force is avoiding their own bad future, Uncanny X-Force has one REAL far in the future… it sort of gets laughable when you realize Marvel has a pretty bad trope of dystopian futures. Regardless, another great issue, which expands a bit upon the Apocalypse twins and their relationship with their "father." These two certainly had a terrible upbringing, but their outsmarting of Kang leads to some interesting possibilities. Meanwhile, while Wanda is probably going to die, probably Wolverine killing her before she can be used for evil or something like that, the rapture she's contemplating is sort of crazy… and I kind of want it to happen. Eventually this book is going to spin into something way bigger, I mean it has to, the kind of shit it's building up to is WAY too big to be confined into one book. That's a Marvel event I'll buy into, for sure.

Deadpool #17

So, as promised by the previous issue, Captain America and Wolverine wake up pretty mad, so they, along with Deadpool, and the bastard mutants mixed with his genes and those of other X-Men, wage war on North Korea. Really heavily action packed issue, with not a whole lot of humor… though they did manage to get a few good jokes in here and there, most notably the failed fastball special. Then of course, the good guys win, but the bad guy gets away, because we've got two more issues in this arc to go. Overall, a good issue, like the last few. On a random note, this is the first issue I've read that references Wolverine losing his healing ability, and I've got to ask… what the hell is the point? To sync up with the movie? Yeah, well, the movie came and went, who the fuck cares? Nothing about Wolverine not having his healing ability was apparent here, until he gets a cut on the arm and they openly reference it. The whole thing just seems pointless.

Sex Criminals #1

This is the book I immediately went to once I was finished with my normal Wednesday posts, because I've been looking forward to it since the day it was announced. Premise is, a boy and a girl both have special powers that allow them to stop time once they climax. So when they get together, they do the logical thing, and start committing crimes. On paper, that premise is so stupid in all the right ways, there's no way I wasn't reading this book, and I'm glad I did, because it was pretty damn amazing. Great art, great characters, and really, really funny. I'm talking Chew funny. There's a scene where the protagonist, Suzie, is being taught sexual positions by having one of the "dirty girls" in her middle school draw them out on a bathroom stall wall, and they're the most fucking weird and depraved positions you've ever seen. I had to google them to make sure some of them weren't real, as my faith in humanity was hanging in the balance. Thank god the dutch microwave isn't a thing that I will ever encounter. Man, this book was so good. Already a new favorite of mine. Go buy it, it's a lot of fun that you won't regret, but if you do, you're probably a bad person, just saying.

Sex #7

What else can I really say? There's a lot of kinky shit and a lot of this book taking its damn sweet time. I'm trapped in an abusive relationship with this book, I love the concept, I love the raunchiness of it, yet all it does it hurt me every single issue with the pace it takes. Let's put things in perspective, this book has a main character, who for seven straight issues, has done nothing but sit around and talk. That's it! Oh, he dressed up like Castro one time, and creeped around in a bar, then in another issue he had a blow job go wrong… but outside of that, just sitting around and fucking talking. I've said before that the side characters are the most interesting part of this book, but I'm beginning to think that they're just starting to spread everything too thin to the point where nothing happens with Simon. The next issue has some huge fucking rich person orgy, so I mean, that's a setting where something could conceivably happen, I guess. I like this book, I really do… but also, fuck this book! I'm conflicted! Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, this is the issue that sets up things in motion, with next being the final of what would be the first trade.

Rat Queens #1

A few days ago, I wasn't really planning on picking this series up, then I read the free "What's Next" issue from Image, and read the preview of this series… then I bought it, because why not? Here's the thing, based on the cover, you might expect this to be a book about four women in a fantasy world, and yeah… that's it in a nutshell. But here's what you don't get, these women are foul-mouthed, ill-mannered, violent, horny, sarcastic and all about getting fucked up. It's great! I come to comics to be entertained, and right off the bat, that's all this book does. The characters are all enjoyable to read, and their dialogue is quick, sharp, and full of wit, all wrapped in a great sense of humor. If you're looking for another fun book from Image that's not too heavy on drama or grit, I'd definitely recommend checking it out, as even though this was sort of a last minute decision for me, it easily became one of my favorites of the week in the first few pages.

East of West #6

I read the first five issues of this one night the week the fifth issue came out, I believe, so after a hundred so odd pages, then a month long gap, it was sort of hard getting back in, especially with the plot not really picking up where I expected. Instead of following Death around for this issue, we go back to the Chosen, who aren't necessarily the characters that grabbed me to begin with, so I was a little caught off guard, I guess? Confederacy dude is a total dick head and "outed" texas dude, who eventually introduces us to a badass killer he sets on the chosen. The killer is basically a mix between Clint Eastwood and Judge Dredd, as a good chunk of the issue shows a little back story about how he became a man who seeks his own justice. Guy seems cool and all, I just kind of want to get back to the Death story, to be honest.

Saga #14

I dare you to tell me that the scene with Slave Girl and Lying Cat wasn't the most god damn heartwarming thing you've seen in a comic this year. Go on, read it, I'll wait… SEE!? Man, such a great scene, yet another in a great book. There was a lot of nice little moments in this issue between the Slave Girl scene and Klara's heart-to-heart with Oswald, this book just oozes with great characters, but I'm preaching to a choir at this point. What sort of makes me nervous is some of Hazel's narration. I know that we've barely scratched the surface in terms of the grand scope, but stuff like Hazel saying that Alana never returned to her home planet, but she and Klara eventually did… that makes me thinks one bad shit is going to happen, and that makes me nervous. But I'm only nervous because I'm so invested, and I'm invested because this book is so fucking good. I need more!

Revival #14

I read this issue right after Rat Queens, which was real fun… this issue was a straight kick to the balls, in comparison. You want grim Image? Well, Revival's your book. You want eyes hanging out of sockets? Time Seeley and Mike Norton are your guys! You want little girls slicing… well no, I'll leave that last panel for you to see for yourself. Safe to say, it was a pretty dark issue, one of the darkest, probably, but boy do I love it. Everything in the series has started to click recently for me, and man have I been enjoying it. This issue also gave us an answer as to what the ghosts that have been wondering around, which was the last thing that left me scratching my head, so I'm good to go now, I'm great. The first 11 (or maybe 12?) issues are being collected in a deluxe hardcover next month, and I'd really recommend picking it up, then these last few issues. Great stuff.


  1. Wolverine lost his healing ability in his solo series, Wolverine.

  2. Eh... I didn't find Sex Criminals funny at all, except for the bathroom stall scene that made me chuckled a bit. Hell, outside of the stall scene, I didn't any other attempts at the comic to be funny. The whole issue just felt awkward and uncomfortable, making me feel like I watching Milk Money again. I'm no prude (I think the comic Sex is pretty damn solid and I adore Chew, which can be very nasty like you know), but this really felt off to me. I'll check out next issue now that this flashback is over, so maybe it'll start getting funny to me then.

    1. There was much more funny stuff in the book outside of straight "jokes." The art, the timing, the stuff in the background, etc.

    2. I can realize there are more things in the book for humor outside of straight jokes, I'm just saying I didn't see anything and what I did see that could be considered funny, didn't work for me. Like I said, the only scene that I found funny was the bathroom stall scene. I also contributed the humor to that a lot to the art, since the depictions were often more amusing then the names.