Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #23.1

Hey! Remember the new Ventriloquist from Batgirl, Shuana? Well, it's time for her origin story! As Gotham is in chaos, and powerless (see Forever Evil #1) a group of scared citizens find the power on at a local theatre, and decide to take refuge inside. Backstage in the theatre, Shuana is giving an interview to a hanged reporter, talking about her past.

Shuana was born next to her twin brother, who she described as a very plain, unremarkable boy, but Shuana is sort of insane, and she's got it backwards, she was the plain and unremarkable, often going unnoticed by people who thought the world of her brother, so you can tell, Shuana is going to be very trustworthy in this interview... except not really.

As Shuana goes on about her past, the Gotham citizens find their way inside the theatre, with a feast set up for them. After they eat, they make their way to the stage, and sit down, as their promised a show.

Back to the origin story, turns out Shuana has telekinesis, because why not, and one day she makes a kind who is teasing her jump out in the middle of traffic and die. With her new found powers, Shuana figures they're a way to get to the top! One day, she and her brother, who had signed a recording contract, were playing on the swings one day, when she made him start to swing higher and higher, only to have the chain snap, causing him to fly off, break his neck and die. Great sister. Then we see the stuff we saw in Batgirl with the clown, the party, and Shuana getting her dummy who she names after her brother.

Back in Gotham, some local thugs hear about the power being on at the theatre, along with there being food and women, so they go to do what thugs do, and that's start trouble, by ramming a car into the front entrance. With the thugs ruining her show, Shuana decides to have Ferdie go all Chucky on them, and start picking them off one by one. The last thug even finds all of Ferdie's love letters to Batgirl, and for some reason stops to read them while his life is in danger.

When Ferdie gets back to Shuana he finds that she's taken measures to not be interrupted by hecklers again, as the food she fed to all the people before? It was poisoned. They dead!


The Good:

It's got that level of weird creepiness that Gail Simone often produces. That's always entertaining.

The Bad:

This origin just makes me dislike Shuana, from top to bottom. A good villain should be evil, obviously, but have an element to them that I don't want to say redeems them, but gives them qualities that add depth to their character. Shuana on the other hand, you just sort of find out she's a deranged brat with telekinesis, for some reason. Her story just rubbed me the wrong way, and made her pretty unlikeable for me.

Thought the art was pretty plain, as well.

The Bottom Line:

It was an okay issue. If you were super into this new Ventriloquist with the Batgirl issues, you'll probably find this issue enjoyable, but if not, you're not missing anything here. Shuana's origin is in line with that particular creepy villain vibe we often get from Gail Simone, and while I usually find that particular vibe enjoyable, this time I found the character to fall a bit flat, and not achieve any level of likability for my personal taste in villains.


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  1. I thought this was a strong issue, but it helps that it ties into Forever Evil