Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman #23.4

Bane is the kind of guy Planet Fitness tries to keep out of their gyms, because he's the kind of guy whose workout is pretty much him saying "Come at me bro!" and trying to get others to kill him, only to kill them instead. While doing so, the last guy he's about to kill, well his daughter shows up, Bane thinks it's an attempt to get him to show mercy, but the daughter wants Bane to kill her father, because he's a pretty bad dude, so a-back-snappin' Bane goes. The little girl continues, praising Bane for being the hero of Santa Prisca, but makes a bad mistake in touching Bane's hand, the same hand Bane uses to shove her face out of the way, telling her he'll kill her if she ever touches him again.

With Batman gone, and the Secret Society taking over, Bane preps to take back Gotham, which he believes was stolen for him, after Batman arose like a demon. Bane had been approached by Gotham's worst in an effort to get him in on dividing up the city, but Bane shares with no one, and plans to take it all, by taking out Scarecrow and showing everyone who's boss. We also get a little backstory which is nothing new.

Meanwhile in Gotham, some people who Bane had contacted ahead of time manage to start a breakout at Blackgate, so thing's are pretty screwed there.

Then Bane and his crew approach Gotham, and he gives a war speech, for it's time to take Gotham.


The Good:

Where I didn't think Tomasi had a great handle on characters like Mr. Freeze's voice, I thought his Bane voice was pretty good. You got the sense of Bane's commanding, threatening tone. You could really tell his people see him as a feared leader, in just the way he spoke. I also greatly enjoyed Graham Nolan's art on the issue. It's nostalgic, while having the modern day Gotham sort of twist. I just think it was very cool that DC got him to draw this issue.

The Bad:

Compared to Tomasi's other Arkham War set up issue, this one had a lot less meaningful content. Bane being ruthless, saying he's going to retake Gotham, some unchanged backstory, a scene at Blackgate, and then the final battle cry. Not a whole lot really happens in this issue, and it ends up being pretty thin as a result.

The Bottom Line:

I'll be honest, I liked this issue a lot more when I initially read it, then I started flipping through it again to do this post, and I realized that it feel into the same trap that many of these other issues fell into, and that's being generally enjoyable, yet pretty empty when you actually look at it from some distance. If you're interested in Arkham War, maybe look into it, but I can tell you right now that it's basically just Bane setting out for Gotham once again, and that's about it.


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