Thursday, September 19, 2013

Panels of the Week, 09/19/2013

Panels, panels, panels, its one of those weeks where I don't really have to say anything before the jump.

Detective Comics #23.3: Is that entire city scape ground level photoshopped? Yeah, probably. I mean, look at the base of the tower closest to Scarecrow. Regardless, it's a great shot.

Batman - The Dark Knight #23.3: You wouldn't like Clayface when he's angry.

Batman and Robin #23.3: I'm a sucker for the classics... but where is the chest hair!? Is there a fucking rule against that in the New 52? RAGE TIME!

Batman #23.3: I said this in the review, but one of my favorite things about the art in this issue was the use of shadows to cover Penguin's face, making him look even more evil, and this is a perfect example.


  1. In the Scarecrow shot, who's controlling the tower with the Bats and the one with the plastic tarp? Thanks for your reviews each week Fhiz!

    1. I think the plastic tarp is a tower of ice, representing Mr. Freeze's district; the tower with the bats is ... I guess ... some sort of Man-Bat nest? I haven't been reading anything he's appeared in but I guess there's a whole bunch of them now, and they all wear pants. ;)