Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Palmiotti on the Harley Quinn "Controversy"

So if you've been on the internet for the past week, you've probably seen the "controversy" surrounding  the talent search page for Harley Quinn #0. I've made my feelings on the "controversy" pretty clear, actually, twice now, so I'm not going to reiterate how fucking dumb and overblown I think this all has been, but after a travesty (seriously) like this, I guess Jimmy Palmiotti did have to say something about it, in a longer form than twitter.

On Palmiotti's Facebook, he states:
"That the tryout Harley Quinn page went out without an overall description of tone and dialogue is all my fault. I should have put it clearly in the description that it was supposed to be a dream sequence with Amanda and I talking to Harley and giving her a hard time. I should have also mentioned we were thinking a Mad magazine /Looney Tunes approach was what we were looking for. We thought it was obvious with the whale and chicken suit, and so on, but learned it was not. I am sorry for those who took offense, our intentions were always to make this a fun and silly book that broke the 4th wall, and head into issue 1 with a ongoing story/adventure that is a lot like the past Powergirl series we did. I hope all the people thinking the worst of us can now understand that insulting or making fun of any kind was never our intention. I also hope that they can all stop blaming DC Comics for this since It was my screw up. The idea for the page to find new talent is an amazing one and we hope that can be the positive that comes forward from today on...that we get some new talent working in our field because of this unique opportunity."
So there you have it, an apology for not being clear, from a writer who doesn't need to apologize for anything. Perhaps, maybe perhaps, if a vast majority of outraged read more than a headline that says "DC wants you to draw Harley Quinn committing naked suicide" along with that single panel description, without the rest of the script, maybe it wouldn't have gotten out of hand. Better yet, maybe if people reporting on the story took some responsibility to get their shit straight and not jump to conclusions with a page view attracting headline, none of this would have happened.

This entire situation is one of the most unfunny jokes of the year, and is truly pathetic. Great job, all involved, great job.

(Source: Jimmy Palmiotti's Facebook)

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