Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mark Andreyko taking over Batwoman?

Well, who really thought this story was over?

Remember when JH Williams and Haden Blackman abruptly left Batwoman due to constant and last minute editorial interference? Good times! The plan was for both writers to leave after issue #26, probably the conclusion of their current arc... but seems like DC had plans of their own.

According to Comicsbeat writer Heidi MacDonald, Dan Didio announced at Baltimore Comic-Con that Mard Andreyko will be taking over Batwoman at issue #25, which would be in the middle of the current arc, and it would quote: "be better than ever." Because why not throw a little salt on the wound while we're at it?

Now, I've read enough live reports from panels to know that people get things wrong every now and then, either someone giving out the info has their numbers messed up, or those reporting it simply get the wrong number while trying to hastily report on something. It happens a lot, so who knows if #25 is when Andreyko actually takes over. Not questioning the source in any way, but I've watched enough of The Newsroom (screw you, that's a good show!) to know I should get double confirmation.

That said, if this is completely accurate, that's messed up, especially if Williams and Blackman had every intention of completing their scripts up to issue #26. I have nothing against Marc Andreyko, I think he's a good writer, but like Birds of Prey, if he takes over those issues that Williams and Blackman were supposed to write, you know that it's not going to be purely him, and it'll be taken in the direction DC editorial wanted it to go.

I said it on twitter, but I'll say it here too: I don't envy the writer who has to take over this book. Andreyko is probably going to get a lot of shit, and I'll tell you right now, he doesn't deserve it. A job is a job, and if he's willing to do it, then fine. I'll give it a shot, but unfortunately for him, there's always going to be a Barry Bonds like asterisk next to his run in the back of my mind, which isn't fair to him, but thanks to the circumstances DC created, that's the situation.

UPDATE: Oh wow... Wow. They're straight up throwing out the current arc of Batwoman. Andreyko is indeed taking over, and #25 is a Zero Year issue. I guess DC didn't like Batwoman being so isolated. Participation in these crossovers have always been apparently "voluntary" bit it's quite clear DC prefers people to "volunteer."

UPDATE #2: JH Williams III confirmed on Twitter that their arc is being cut, and October's #24 will be their last issue, if published. Apparently it ends with a big cliffhanger. Yep...

(Source: Heidi MacDonald's Twitter & Bleeding Cool)


  1. I just read his Stalker backups from Sword of Sorcery last night, so unless those aren't an accurate example of his writing quality, consider me prepared for this to suck.

    However, for them to completely screw over the plans for this book clearly shows that they're trying to pretend that everything that Williams and Blackman worked on didn't matter, or at least weren't happy. I feel really bad for this book, because all I can see happening is this book reaching Batwing's level of sales.

    1. His run on Manhunter is probably more indicative of what he's capable of with a character like Batwoman.

  2. Ouch. That is rough. I don't think they're entirely wrong about some of the issues with Batwoman(it was rather weird to me that they didn't write Batman into the huge final battle with Medusa at all, then had Batwoman give him crap for not being there, plus it did seem kind of selfish to me that Batwoman was seemingly genuinely considering taking down a man who has saved millions of lives just to save her sister) but they shouldn't have gone about correcting things in this way.

    I was never so attached to the post-crisis universe that I much cared about them doing the new 52, but it seems like they've already really made a mess of things with it. They really should've planned things out in advance better with the new 52, because it still seems like the readers and creators are being jerked around by the editors and primary creative directors not knowing what they want to do with these characters and this universe.

  3. Y'know, I was almost ready to drop the title once JHW3 and HB left, but I miss Andreyko's Manhunter so much that I'm going to give him a shot.

  4. Wow. I thought the rumored take over of Batwoman before #26 sounded brutal, this shortened arc is just a way to clear out JH Williams and Haden Blackman and the hard work they brought to the series. The editors probably figured that the story would have been inconsistent if the new writer jumped into the current arc. I wonder if Duane Swierczynski left Birds of Prey for the same reasons; that the editors proposed the changes to the team and story that he didn't believe in?
    JH Williams and Haden Blackman created a real stand-out series that did well and never had to take part in those waste-of-issue crossovers.
    The editors are clearly holding a grudge for being embarrassed by Williams and Blackman via the internet. They chose a writer who would do exactly what they want without fighting for what they believe in. Even if Mark Andreyko is a fantastic writer, he won't have much freedom to do things his way.
    Batwoman went from being the only real part of the old DC universe that we had after the reboot to now being a typical "New52" series that will be a weaker version of what it once was.

  5. Aww yeah a Newsroom reference while reading about comics. That just made my day lol.
    Do you think there'll be solicitations tomorrow?